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I am an avid tea drinker and I love enjoying my evening tea, sip-by-sip! It helps me breath out the day's tension & relax at ease. I always look out for new tea products and unique flavors that i could use at home. Recently I got a chance to try some of the samples from Numi Tea! Numi is Hand-Picked Premium Organic Teas and Herbs, blended with real fruits, flowers and spices. They have some distinct and unique tea flavors, you should never miss. 

About Numi Tea:
Numi Tea provides the pure and authentic taste, by blending premium organic teas and herbs with only real fruits, flowers & spices. Numi Tea doesn't use any flavorings or fragrances in addition to the true flavor of tea leaves. All Numi products are gluten free. Numi Teas do not come into contact with soy, dairy, or nut products. The Numi Tea-bags are compostable and made from Manila hemp cellulose. 

Personal Experience:
I liked the richness and natural flavor of all the Numi Tea samples, especially the cardamom pu-erh! Turmeric tea and the Chocolate Rooibos are totally new to me and I was excited to try them for the first time! I usually prefer loose leaves than the bags, but it is really nice to know that Numi Tea-bags are free from chemicals, and are made from a plant source!
  • Turmeric Tea: Had it for the first time, but absolutely loved it. Very aromatic, refreshing and rich. I was able to feel the hint of cinnamon & turmeric! 
  • Chocolate Rooibos: This Indulgent tea is very unique, sweet and tasted like delightful chocolate zest! I would have to buy more to try it as ice tea! I loved it's wonderful aroma more than its taste!
  • Gun Powder Green Tea: Stronger than the regular green Tea, flavor-rich and fresh!
  • ToastedRice Tea: This is the traditional Japanese style green tea. This has a nutty and little savory flavor, very different from the regular green tea!
  • Cardamon Pu-erh: I love Cardamon tea, and this Cardamon Pu-erh tea was much more malty & light. This Tea has a rich taste, aroma, flavor & has spicy and crisp hints of cardamom. 
If you are like me, wondering what is Pu-erh Tea, here we go:
Like green or white, Pu-erh is a different type of tea – richer than black tea and wonderfully smooth and malty. Pu·erh provides a natural boost of sustained energy and delivers focus and clarity. Pu·erh is the oldest known variety of tea and is picked from 500 year-old trees before undergoing a special fermentation process. As things of value take time to mature, so it is with Pu-erh.

1) Numi Tea is Premium, Organic, Hand-picked Tea and doesn't have any added flavors/fragrances, just 100% Pure Tea!
2) In Numi Tea they use real, natural spices, herbs, flowers and fruits to flavor up their organic tea leaves! Absolutely NO Addictives of any form!
3) The Numi tea bags are safe, free from chemicals and are made from Manila Hemp cellulose. The tags are 100% recyclable and are Non-GMO verified !
4)These are very reasonably priced and they huge variety of Teas to choose from!

To Purchase:
To purchase, Numi Organic, All-natural tea bags, head over HEREAll the other tea products & accessories can be found HERE. This could be the perfect holiday gift to anyone who loves Tea! These are priced as per the tea-bag count in each tea box. They have a lot of varieties and you can check them out HERE!

Are you looking for a perfect tea-pot to sweeten up the already sweet Tea-Deal, Awesome! Check out this Perfect "Tea-For-Two" Glass Tea Kettle, HERE to know more!

Have you ever had Numi Organic Tea? Which is your favorite tea flavor!?

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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Ahhh! I drank so much Rooibos in South Africa, but never knew they had the chocolate kind. I would love to try some!

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Yum! These sound so good. I'm drinking a sort of Chocolate Rooibos Christmas tea from David's right now :)

Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

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Absolutely Lisa! There is no time like a perfect tea-time!! i hope you will like it! :)

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Awesome! Talking about christmas, Numi Tea also has nice gift-sets, could be perfect christmas gifts!!
Thanks a lot for stopping by :)