Peaches & Petals - August Box Reveal & Exclusive Gift & Coupon for New Subscribers!

I love subscription boxes, especially the ones that are beauty and fashion oriented. You are going to see a lot of new subscription services and their reviews. I am glad to feature them here on my blog and today, let's catch up on the Peaches & Petals box for the month of August! Hearing about them for the first time? Peaches & Petals is a monthly subscription service which offers variety of products ranging from fashion, accessories, lifestyle to beauty products. All their boxes are hand-curated, and this is definitely a fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle box, with 3-5 cool items and sometimes you might get extra bonus too! Every monthly box is unique and you get totally different items every time, and the products range from fashion accessories like hats, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, sun-glasses, ear-rings to beauty products like nail-polish, shampoos, creams, masks, blush and the like. Their subscription costs $19.99 per month with FREE shipping. 

Credit Cards & Mobile Payments: What Your Business Got To Know for Now! #tips

Could you imagine this world without payment cards - no more debit or credit cards! Would you be okay to leave your smartphone behind when you start to work? I definitely need them in my hands all the time and I use it for so many things, not just for calling and texting anymore. These days, we don't even have to worry about our wallets, thanks to smart phones & mobile wallets! With such vast increase of smart phone usage, whole lot of things have changed in the "world of credit cards". Mobile payments have become one of the main choices for shoppers. In fact, in 2015 alone, consumers used mobile payments for approximately $214 billion! Despite the progressing use of mobile payments, corporations, small-business owners and consumers are not entirely prepared for the transition to primarily using mobile payments. To help educate this novel payment method, I wanted to share this informative, visual resource from Rutgers University, that discusses what businesses and consumers should know as they transition to mobile payments. 

Big Chill - Evolution of Refrigerators Through the Decades! #retrostyle

"Whenever I feel sad or bored, I go to my happy place - The Fridge!"
I read this quote somewhere and I swear, I live by that. There hasn't been a single day where I didn't open the magical door of my fridge. I am sure that's the case with most of us. If you’ve ever been without power in your house, you must have known how suddenly keeping the food cold, in the refrigerator becomes a necessity. Can you even imagine living in the time before refrigerators? The first ever refrigerator arrived on the domestic scene in the 1920s, and within two decades after that, 85% of American households owned a refrigerator. Today, refrigerators are indispensable in every household and almost all of our day-to-day food storage & safe-food consumption depends on this beloved home appliance. Have you ever thought about the history of these beauties or the way how these must have evolved through the last few decades. Well, Big Chill did!! They believe in celebrating their heritage through design classics of past and current eras. They have come up with this incredible idea to curate all the various refrigerator models existed in the past from 1920s to today and show us how the world of refrigerators have evolved through the decades. 

FitSnack - Monthly Subscription to Snack Wise & Stay Fit! #DiscountCode

I love snacking as I relax and watch my favorite show on television. As I get involved with the show, I usually forget how much I actually snack on and keep it going till I end up feeling guilty. That's how I decided I need to find something healthy that helps me stay fit & also feel good. You all must have known that I love Fitsnack subscription. The main reason being their portion-controlled snack varieties which are just perfect for anytime guilt-free snacking. FitSnack is a monthly subscription box that offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack varieties, that are not only delicious, but also healthy & nutritious. They focus on ensuring each product included in the box fall under, at-least two or more of these categories - GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural. Also, 90% of the Fit Snack boxes are Gluten-Free & include cool bonus items such as energy boosters, supplements, or refreshing beverages. You also get exclusive and easy-to-follow workout ideas each month.

5 Irresistable Last Minute Labor Day Dessert Ideas! #Oreos

It's not often we get enough time to spend with family and do things we always wanted to do! Personally, I believe that holidays are meant to be spent with our loved ones, making memories, rather than making dishes in the kitchen. This labour day weekend is one such occasion to have fun with family and create joyful memories with your loved ones. So what are your plans for this long weekend? I wanted to give you some of the cool, fun-filled and colorful last minute dessert ideas, I found online. I made sure to choose the ones that don't even need any cooking! That's right - these are NO COOK recipes and even better, all of these highlight OREO Cookies! I have never met anyone who doesn't like oreo, so I am sure these are gonna be a huge hit at your home too! One more bonus is that these desserts look colorful & patriotic too, making these perfect for labor day weekend! This time, whether you grill in your backyard or not, you have to try these fun recipes like a group activity with your kids, if not with friends! These are going to be so delicious, so much fun and effortless way to treat yourself and your family!

Groupon - Perfect Way to Pamper Yourself, yet Save Money & Feel Smart! #Groupon #ad

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.
"I hate shopping, dining out and pampering myself!"- SAYS NO WOMAN EVER! I am no exception, and all of us love to shop, dine-out with family, and reward ourselves with something refreshing. I feel recharged every-time I hang out with friends. Even better, once in a while we fix a day, roam around and shop at our favorite stores, dine out and gift ourselves with a Spa Mani/Pedi. This makes me feel so relaxed, revived and I keep in touch with my friends as well. For us, the most exciting part is that we get to save money as we spend the whole day together! That's right, we always make use of the local deals from Groupon! I tell my friends every-time I see a deal they might be interested in. And often, it's about us getting out together, like a deal on a group painting-class, spa-package deals, nail-salon deals, massages, hair-salon deals, etc., I frequently check out my favorite sections, especially the Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons! This is definitely a smart way to save money on things you love and would buy anyways! I would recommend you to visit my #GrouponCoupons post to know how cool are these deals from Groupon.

LibertyChocolates - That's where chocolate lovers dream come true! #HoneySweetened

Chocolates! I love, love and LOVE Chocolates. To be more specific, dark chocolates are my addiction and I'm proud of it. Could you imagine this world without chocolates? No way right?! Forget Love, I would rather fall in chocolates all over again! Trust me, I know something better than chocolates, YES! Honey-sweetened chocolates. Even better, how about a bar of organic chocolate that is sweetened with organic honey? I am not dreaming, that's what is actually happening in the Liberty Chocolate, the pride of Vermont. I am 100% sure there wouldn't be any replacement for chocolates ever, and it's just smart to choose the one that's the ultimate best. I got a wonderful chance to try some of the Liberty chocolate bars, they are totally unique and delicious. I have had chocolates all my life, but honey sweetened ones? never before. I was able to feel the difference in taste, Honey makes these chocolates so special, tasty, unique and delicious.