GlobeIn - Explore the Artisans Around Globe with 'World Kitchen' Box! #CouponCode

May it be cosmetics, cooking essentials, home decor, travel accessories or anything for that matter, I have always had a special outlook for hand-made artisan products. It feels great to get hands on such one-of-a-kind products that are made with great passion and craftsmanship. When I came to know about GlobeIn for the first time, I was thrilled about their incredible idea to curate artisan items from different parts of the world and put them together for their customers. If you are new to GlobeIn - it is a monthly subscription service which delivers a themed collection of artisan-made products from all around the world. Every month, they introduce new products that you often organic, fair-trade, and support artisans and farmers from around the world. It would be perfect and safe to say that GlobeIn delivers “the globe in a box”GlobeIn takes extreme pride in supporting the underprivileged artisans and bringing their incredible crafts to the worldwide audience. It's like getting beautiful pieces of craft work across the world delivered to you in a monthlybox beautifully made signature handwoven palm-leaf basket.

RawSpiceBar - Subscribe & Spice Up Your Holiday Cooking In No time! #CouponCode

Next to shopping, my favorite thing to do at home is to cook, experiment new recipes in kitchen. I love twisting the ingredients, altering the flavors and coming up with a new version of the old-fashioned recipes. Most of the times we cook Indian cuisine at home which is very rich, diverse and depend a lot on the spices and herbs for it's authentic flavor. Buying spices in bulk at once may save you a little time but then you have to compromise on their flavor and richness, which is pointless. Great quality, freshly ground spices are sure to add rich and bold flavor to any style cooking. What is more exciting than receiving a variety of spices that are freshly toasted, ground and blended in small batches to retain it's maximum flavor? Awesome, right? RawSpiceBar does that exactly! It is a subscription service that delivers 3 sets of freshly made flavor kits that represent global flavors and are created with fresh, unique ingredients. I got excited about the idea of getting these globally inspired exotic spice blends, recipes and cooking ideas delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis.

LeMall - Your One-Stop Shoppe for Electronics! TVs, Smartphones & More! #Giveaway #Coupon

This is a sponsored post for LeMallUSA. All opinions expressed here are my own!
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great time with family and scored some exciting holiday deals. It's been a while since my last post as I was taking a mini holiday break from work and stuff. Now that I am back and it's #CyberMonday, let's find what's new and hot in the market. Holidays are always fun and shopping some amazing deals from the comfort of home is even more fun. One thing that never fails to excite me are the red-hot electronics deals that pop-up during holiday season. LeMall is one such latest sensation that offers wide variety of smart products for the entire family with outstanding quality and extremely affordable prices. LeMall, is an e-commerce platform that offers LeEco state-of-the-art smart devices for consumers. “LeEco” represents an ecosystem of smart devices including smartphones, TV, bikes and much more; meaning you get all your tech needs guaranteed at one place. LeMall claims to provide products of exceptional value with a high level of technology, features, and content, while also educating and engaging anyone who wants to be a part of the LeMall experience. If you love premium, high quality smart devices with unparalleled performance at an affordable price, LeMall is for you!

Pura Vida Bracelets - Handcrafted with Love from Costa Rica!

If you follow my blog regularly, you must have noticed my love for artistic things that are simple yet extremely creative and empowering. I get excited about the cause these artistic hand-crafted products stand for and it makes me happy to talk about these brands as they are truly unique and meaningful. I am a huge fan of anything that's vibrant, colorful and one of a kind. One more special thing about these products is that, they are crafted individually just-for-you with so much love, passion and hope. All of the artisan products I ever used, have proven themselves to be the best and always stand out from the rest. Today, we are going to focus on one such artistic brand Pura Vida whose fashion bracelets are carefully handcrafted by artisans in Costa Rica. Pura Vida means "Pure Life" - choosing to live life to the fullest. It’s more than just a saying - it’s a lifestyle for those artisans! These bracelets are so unique, beautiful and the artisan’s dedication to the “pura vida” way of life is portrayed in their seemingly endless color combinations and innovative styles. The story of Pure Vida brand is just as exciting and unique as their gorgeous bracelets, check it out HERE!

'Jazz Loves Disney Album' - Music Alert for DisneyLovers! #JazzLovesDisney

This is a sponsored post for Disney Music and One2One Network. All opinions expressed here are my own!
Every-time I see something related to Disney, I get so much excited and start hopping around all over like a little kid. My family loves everything about Disney, and I am sure so are you and your children! Whether it be the Disney characters or the Disney music classics, there is always a lot of childhood memories for all of us to relate to. Talking about music, did you know Walt Disney loved Jazz music and in-fact many of the early Disney songs were fashioned as Jazz songs? Even more exciting, Disney has now come up with their new album 'Jazz Loves Disney' featuring old favorite disney tunes from jazz artists themselves. Awesome right? I liked all the songs in this collection and loved many. Each of these songs is unique in its own way, so relaxing and are sure to bring back your golden moments about Disney. I know what are you wondering about. The list of the tracks and the artists that sung those, right? Keep reading to know more on track-list, the artists and how they all put this amazing album together and where you can find these tracks online.

Fit Snack - A Mindful Monthly Subscription to Snack Wise & Stay Fit! #CouponCode

Have you ever checked the ingredients list in the products you find on store shelves? I always make it a point to know or at-least read the list of ingredients on whatever I am about to buy, especially snacks. When I started doing this, it was a real struggle, and a huge challenge to find options that are actually healthy, guilt-free and tasty! Do you get my point? It has always been one or the other - either healthy ingredients and you have to give up on taste or delicious snacks with whole lot of processed stuff. But, ever since I got introduced to Fit Snack, I realized how many cool options are out there and how easy it is to try great snacks at the ease of our home. Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box that offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack varieties, that are not only delicious, but also healthy & nutritious. They focus on ensuring each product included in the box fall under, at-least two or more of these categories - GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural. If not for Fit Snack I would have never known or tried many of the delicious snacks I choose today! In-fact I am able to help my friends when they want to try something new but not sure about the taste. How cool, right?! lol.

Peaches & Petals - It's all about Fall, Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice! #CouponCode

Hello everyone!! I know many of you are in holiday mood and looking for ways to treat yourselves. I highly suggest you girls, check out this wonderful lifestyle subscription box, that has been my favorite for a while now. You guessed it - Yes! It's time for us to review the latest Peaches & Petals box. It is a monthly subscription service which offers variety of products ranging from fashion, accessories, lifestyle to beauty products. All their boxes are hand-curated, and this is definitely a fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle box, with 3-5 cool items and sometimes you might get extra bonus too! Every monthly box is unique and you get totally different items every time, and the products range from fashion accessories like hats, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, sun-glasses, ear-rings to beauty products like nail-polish, shampoos, creams, masks, blush and the like. As I told you in the last month's sneak peek, this month's theme is "Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice"- Exciting!!