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Have you ever wondered about the recurring purchases that you do, even without looking for better alternatives? Let's take the shaving razors! We have tons of expensive choices to pick from, but they all do just one thing - shave! Why spent a lot when you can get the same or even better shaving experience for just a dollar? Am not kidding, let me introduce, The Dollar Shave ClubThe name says it all! You pay A DOLLAR, Join the CLUB & then what, SHAVE!! What's there for a dollar? You get High-Quality Razors without all those unwanted gimmicks and exaggerations for a razor! Probably, a straight forward & thoughtful membership that you could ever sign-up for.

Dollar Shave Club:
Have you ever watched this Dollar Shave Club ad before? I totally love this one! I have already seen it many times before, but still, every-time it looks like a brand-new hilarious & thoughtful video ever, sure to bring a smile on anyone's face!

More about the CLUB:
Dollar Shave Club (DSC) - offers exclusive shaving supplies from the DSC blades, Dr. Carver's - shave butter, post-shave moisturizer, repair serum to Boogies - hair cream, hair gel, hair clay & hair paste! They have member exclusive One Wipe Charlies - flushable wipes too! Not just that, you also have an option to choose from 3 different style of razors:

  • THE HUMBLE TWIN - $1/month for 5 cartridges of the twin-blade razor ($2 Shipping)
  • THE 4X                 - $6/month for 4 cartridges of their four-blade razor (Free Shipping)
  • THE EXECUTIVE   - $9/month for 3 cartridges of their six-blade razor (Free Shipping)
Check HERE to know more details on features of these blades! When you sign up, the handle is included for FREE. Remember, you can also pause, upgrade or downgrade your preferences any-time!

Personal Experience:
The Dollar Shave Club exceeded my expectations the moment i opened the box, that's because i was looking for the usual subscription box (blades and a grooming product or two) for review. But they had sent me a lot of their exclusive products, which shows the extraordinary passion they have for their brand and the quality of service they provide.

I approached my husband to let me know what he feels about these DSC products. The 4X blades we received are totally impressive and are nothing less than the expensive brands you see in stores. These are well worth the $6 we pay for. I could see him happy with the Dollar Shave Club Kit. Members pay for the razors but the handles are free. The FREE handle is not something cheap, but neat, sturdy and has a nice grip too. The blades does offer a neat, smooth and super close shave without any shaving cuts or nicks. This is by far the best deal you could ever afford to miss.

The exclusive grooming products are all very good, nice-quality and the hair-care products are perfect to use any-time. The shave butter & the post-shave moisturizer from Dr. Carver's definitely needs a special mention. The Flushable 'One Wipe Charlie' wipes are extra bonus and love the peppermint scent. It's great that all these products come in travel sizes too, perfect to carry during travel. Together all these products could make a perfect holiday surprise to your man. You also have a 'gift' option which allows you to send the box directly to anyone, anywhere in the United States.

The Dollar Shave Club membership is very flexible, you can pause, resume, skip your subscription anytime! These luxurious blades & grooming products make the whole shaving time much easier and better! Check out HERE, to see the comparison between the Dollar Shave Razors Vs the other expensive brands. 

To Join the Dollar Shave Club:
You are just a Click away from joining the exclusive Dollar Shave Club! Click HERE, choose your plan, add in the extras (optional), feed-in your address details, pay and you are all SET! I could be the perfect holiday surprise to treat yourself or your loved ones!
Join the Dollar Shave Club - Shave Time, Shave Money!

I absolutely love this idea! What are your thoughts on Dollar Shave Club?!

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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We love Dollar Shave Club! It's great for my hubs and for me. And the price is absolutely amazing.

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Wow, like all the different kinds of shaving products this club has to offer. The prices are very reasonable too. I prefer getting personal products online.. rather than buying it from a store! It saves quite a bit of time and energy.

Charli Smith
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