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Is there anything healthier than snacking Organic, Raw Nuts, Dried Fruits, Legumes, Sprouts & Seeds?! At Food To Live, they offer a wide variety of organic super foods that are perfect for anyone who loves to snack healthy! We all know nuts, dried fruits and seeds are healthy, rich in nutrients and are best if taken raw! At Food To Live they provide only the finest varieties of our favorite raw, organic foods, including tasty nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices and legumes that exist everywhere. These raw foods play major role in balancing your diet and ensuring healthier life.

Get to know "Food To Live":
At "Food To Live" they thrive hard to provide highest quality and best tasting organic, raw super foods that are incredibly healthy and nutritious. They proudly offer delicious alternatives, raw foods like savory cashews, fresh almonds and other wonderful nuts, dried fruits, seed sprouts and spices that could revolutionize the way you cook and eat. They have a wide range of organic products to choose from. Some of their interesting products include Goji Berries, Celery Seeds and Organic Pine-nuts!

Personal Experience:
When i came across Food To Live, i was so happy to see all of their excitingly Healthy Super Foods! I am definitely a fan of their products and have a few added to my shopping list already, lol! This time, I was offered organic cashews, a well-known, very rich, crunchy and delicious super food! Raw natural cashews are high in protein, minerals and “heart-friendly” fats, but low in carbohydrates. Even better, these cashews are ORGANIC!

Food To Live cashews are whole, crunchy, delicious and FRESH! The cashews are very tasty and perfect to toss on top of salads. Most of the evenings, we munch on a handful of healthy nuts, like cashews, almonds, walnuts, and even raisins. I am totally impressed with the quality, richness of the cashews provided and here is one more super fan of the 'Food To Live' products. I loved the cashews from Food To Live, because these are very tasty, extremely fresh, crunchy and are not dried or old. In Indian cuisine cashews are considered rich, flavorful ingredient, and ground cashew paste is a MUST in some of the finest dishes and gravies. We use a lot of cashews at home and i totally loved the ones from Food To Live. Even the size of these cashews were bigger than the ones i had earlier.

These cashews are also perfect to use in baking. And they tasted best when roasted in ghee, with raisins and tossed on top on Indian Desserts. There are endless way to incorporate this super-food into your diet! If you find it hard to include in recipes, have them pre-packed and toss them in your car, hand-bag or desk. You are all-set to enjoy your protein-rich, power-packed, nutritious, delicious snack at anytime of your day!

To Purchase: 
Purchase a bunch of such wonderful organic nuts and make your own fun-filled assorted holiday gift baskets! Head over HERE to check all of the wonderful 'Food To Live' products. To know more about the company mission, check out HERE!

Did you check out the Organic Products at Food To Live? Which is your favorite super food?

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