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I always look for new, healthy, guilt-free snacks that i could enjoy at home! I love dark chocolates and nuts, there are no preferences, i just love them all. Is there anything else more delicious, than having them both together? That's right, Dark Chocolate covered Nuts and Fruits, LOVE IT! What tops it all, is that this snack varieties from Next Organics, is All Natural, Gluten-free and has real ORGANIC Fruits & Nuts! Time to check out some of their wonderful collection of chocolate snacks!

Tropical Valley Foods:
NEXT Organics & NEXT By Nature are two new, innovative brands that are part of Tropical Valley Foods. The Tropical Valley Foods is widely known in the US health food industry for excellent quality and reliable service. NEXT Organics offers Organic Dark Chocolate Fruits & Nuts Snack varieties. Whereas the NEXT BY Nature is an additional brand offering similar, but "All-Natural & Gluten-Free" Dark Chocolate covered fruits, nuts!

My Experience:
The first thing i liked about NEXT Organics is that the snacks are ORGANIC! And they are dark chocolates, come on what else do you need for happy snacking?! They have a lot, i mean LOT of varieties that you wouldn't even imagined! Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa! Natural Dark Chocolate Ginger! Natural Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans! These are few of their tempting snack varieties! 

These had a delicious taste, perfect balance between the brazil nut and the chocolate. Not too chocolatey and the organic brazil nut was fresh, crunchy and i totally loved it. One of my favorites! I have always liked nuts covered by chocolates, so this one obviously tops the list! The nuts were full, delicious and every single ingredient used in this snack is ORGANIC! Perfect on the go snacks, you can keep them handy anywhere and one or two nuts is more than enough for that instant pick me up feeling!

Organic Dark Chocolate Coconut!
These are crunchy coconut slices  covered with organic dark chocolates. Normally, i don't prefer coconut in candies so i was skeptic and didn't have it right away. But later when i had a few pieces, i was absolutely in love with these. These are fabulous, not-at-all sugary, just real organic coconut slices, dipped in organic dark chocolate, this has a wonderful aroma too! After you have a slice or two, these are so irresistibly tasty, tough to stop and you might keep on munching!

Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa!
To be honest, it's really long time since i had quinoa. I was very excited to see how quinoa tastes with dark chocolate! I was expecting grainy flavored chocolate tasting like quinoa. But this was different, tasted much better, than what i was expecting. It's like a tasty, better version of rice puffs in chocolate. Very satisfying and  flavorful, this would be perfect if you are a fan of quinoa & chocolate, such a new and delightful combo. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

Natural Dark Chocolate Strawberries!
Next by Nature offers this wonderful snack to you all, Fruit lovers out there! This is all natural, tastes very rich and has delightful aroma of strawberries! Not just that you actually have real strawberries inside the chocolate coating. I felt the chocolate was dominating than the strawberry. Chocolate and strawberries, doesn't need any introduction, you all know how well they pair with each-other. The fruit flavor is not overpowering, making it perfect to pair it with anything and snack it anywhere, anytime!

Natural Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans!
This one is for people like me, who love coffee flavor and aroma! These are perfect to-go snacks to have in car, or at home to pair with your coffee, or to munch on with no reason! The espresso flavor is bold and you can have one or two of these on the go, whenever you miss coffee. I had these chocolate covered espresso beans, almost all time, and these are my absolute favorites! This one has a rich aroma and strong coffee-taste! Each of these bites, feels like coffee bombarding in mouth! Dark chocolate with espresso beans, is there anything better than this, NO-WAY!

To Purchase:
As mentioned earlier, Next Organics has some interesting organic snack varieties! Few varieties that interests me are the Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa! Natural Dark Chocolate Ginger! Natural Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans! Natural Dark Chocolate Cayenne! 

You can find all of their organic, wonderful fruit & nuts snack varieties, HERE!

These are perfect holiday gifts to kids, or to anyone who loves chocolates, and love to snack healthy. You can also find them on Amazon, HERE! 

For interesting updates and exciting offers, make sure you check out NextOrganics on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

What are your thoughts? Which one is your favorite snack variety from the Next Organics?

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers!


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Shann Eva
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Yum! These all look fantastic. I really want to try the quinoa one. Sounds so good. I love that they are organic too.

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I bet these taste great for those that love chocolate. Sadly, I don't like the taste of it one bit, so wouldn't be able to enjoy these wonderful snacks. :/

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YUM!! I love anything covered in chocolate ;) these look delicious!