SPREZZA Box - A Stylish Way to Surprise Your Man Instantly!

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Holidays are right around the corner and it is time you choose some wonderful gifts to your loved ones. Have you ever noticed, finding the perfect gift for girls has always been overwhelming than to find one for Men? When it comes to surprising HIM with gifts, we are sadly left with only few options to choose from. NOT ANYMORE! Let me introduce you to SPREZZA, a stylish, trendy, affordable subscription service, A Man Would Ever Need!

Sprezza is a New York City based company, that strives hard to offer the latest fashion accessories to Men, at extremely low prices. Every month, Sprezza sends you a fashion box that includes 5-6 of the latest men's fashion and grooming products. They partner with some amazing new companies to help you discover new brands. Best part, each Sprezza Box is a unique mix of fashion products and it's like a surprise every-time you open it .

$28 per month US subscription (Shipping Charges Included)
$34 per month Canadian Subscription (Shipping Charges Included)
You have an option to buy one-time SprezzaBox as well.

What To Expect: 4-5 Latest Men's Fashion Accessories, 1 grooming item!  
A typical box would have an awesome tie, socks, pocket square, a key accessory and some fancy grooming product. Just not that, SprezzaBox would also surprise you with the occasional pocket square, bow tie, cuff links or other trending products.

I was excited about this SprezzaBox right from the beginning. I was given a choice to pick my own SprezzaBox for review. I must tell you, all of their boxes are equally good and every single box had something to fall for. My pick was the blue Hudson Box, that's right the names are also cool!

Listed below are the Fashion Accessories included in the Blue Hudson Box:
  • Jimmy Lion Socks $14 - The first thing that gained my attention when i had a first look at this Hudson box is this blue striped premium quality socks, that are made from softest cotton. I love this color theme and would give a five stars for this socks right away!
  • Grunion Run Pocket Square $15 - Wow - that's what you say when you see such wonderful pocket squares, full of polka dots! This Grunion Run pocket square looks very creative, but has a professional look which is sure to add elegance to your summer blazer or suit!
  • Nova Scotia Rescue Balm $11.95 (Full Size) - This is a skin care product, A Body Balm made from Organic ingredients. This is perfect to throw in your outdoor gear or gym bags. This being a organic body balm, would be a better pick to carry!
  • Dappered Man Money Clip $10 - There is always need for money clips, you never know when they come handy! Perfect to carry any-time or to include in your EDC items. This money clip looks simple, neat and elegant. This money clip is well made and looks sturdy. 
  • Arvo Watch $64.99 - A Watch?! Yes, i thought it's just a pouch, but NO it's a cool watch! Arvo watch looks classic, very minimalistic design, and would be perfect for both professional and causal attires. This watch comes inside a cute pouch, that would be perfect carry-case for small objects. Just by adding this in the bag, SPREZZABox exceeded my expectations! 

Altogether, the total retail value of this box is $103.99 & You get it all for $28! What!!
Thats' why i said I love SprezzaBox!!

Do you like this Blue hudson box, then i am sure you will love the White Hudson Box too!

I feel that the quality of products you get and the surprising factor associated with each box, definitely makes SprezzaBox Unique, Outstanding & Worthy! I would say this monthly subscription box is being offered at the best price and you can't afford to miss it!

Check out the wide variety of one-time SprezzaBox collection, HERE!. You can send it directly as a gift, to your dad, brother, husband or a family friend and make their day Special! Check out their Gift-plan details HERE!

This could be the perfect gift to impress the Man of your life! If you are a guy, why not gift it to yourself and have a little fun opening the surprise box every month?

Have you heard of SPREZZABox before? What are you thoughts on SPREZZA?

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers!


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This sure does make a great gift! My man is weird about watches, he has a tendency to go back and forth on whether he likes them or not. But this would be a great gift for my brother-in-law! We draw names, so if I get his, then I will have to look into this. Thanks!

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It's really a nice set. My husband will like the watch and the socks a lot from this set. The other sets look amazing too. I think it is perfect to make a man happy! Also, the prices are unbelievable.

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I haven't ever heard of SPREZZA before. But it looks pretty nice! My hubs is pretty hard to shop for so I love the idea of just giving him a subscription so he gets fun things every month. And the price rocks!

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The SPREZZA box is nice. It would be a great gift for my husband on Valentine's Day. He'll love it. I like they have different colors to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

Sam Sly
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I haven't hears of SPREZZA yet, but it sounds great. I like the accessories you received and like how they are color coordinated. Nice!