Inexpensive, but very thoughtful present that anyone would LOVE!

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Have you ever felt too tired of holding your mobile phones for hours of gaming or watching videos. I love to watch my favorite songs and comedies everyday, before i sleep. It has always been a trouble holding my mobile on hand, while laying down. Recently, i came across this wonderful car mount on Amazon, it looked promising and i was so curious to try it. This car mount is so cool that we can use it literally anywhere, in car, in home, office, desk or even in kitchen. If you are looking for inexpensive, but perfectly designed smartphone mount, this Gooseneck Mobile Phone Mount is for you!

This phone holder can be easily mounted onto any desk, bed, chair, wall cabinet. This can be used anywhere, in  bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen and is perfect to view phone & enjoy music & phone games. This is heavy duty and sturdy holder, with a tight and bendy arm. It secures smartphones and other electronic devices tightly to prevent the unit from falling or moving around. This mount support all mobiles, with width less than 90mm. Has long flexible arm, that allows you to position the mobile easily and bring it close to you. This is perfect to hold your mobile or GPS while driving.

I used this mobile mount to watch videos when i am laying down, and i also used it to record some video clips for my assignments. I am glad that the clamp even fits my night-table which is considerably thicker. I use this stand to hold my mobile at night, and thus it's perfect for me to stop my alarm the next day, without having to search my mobile. This mount is compatible with almost all mobiles and has a sturdy, flexible, rotatable gooseneck clamp, perfect to adjust the device at any angle or orientation. 

The holder is considerably soft without being rough on the surface of the device. Overall, a very useful and inexpensive tool which is definitely worth owning. I believe this would be a perfect gift to someone who spends most of their time in smartphone. This well-designed, sturdy mobile mount retails for just $10 on Amazon!

What are you thoughts on this mobile mount?! Do you know someone who need this!?

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