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If you are an adventurous person, you must have known, how essential it is to stay hydrated when you involve in outdoor activities. We love to hang out in nature, explore nearby places and engage in activities like hiking, trekking and occasional campings. When i get ready for such trips, water is one thing, that ranks first in my must-have essentials. Again water is the first thing that's always hard for me to have enough, and also feels heavy to carry around. When I was looking for a reliable outdoor water filter, that we could use on-the-go, i found LifeStraw! It is a hand-held personal water filtration system that converts contaminated water from natural water-bodies into clean, safe drinking water. With LifeStraw we now have a trust-worthy, handy solution to all of our outdoor water problems.

LifeStraw is one of the products from Vestergaard, a global company that provides innovative solutions and also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet. I have heard a lot about this award-winning, hand-held water filtration system in the past. However, this is my first hands-on experience with LifeStraw and i totally love the way it works. If you are new to LifeStraw, here are some of it's cool features:
  • It is light-weighted (just 2 ounces), hand-held personal water filter that uses hollow fibre micro-filtration technology.
  • LifeStraw is ideal for any outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, and also for emergency preparedness. 
  • The straw-style filter design lets you turn up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of contaminated water into safe drinking water.
  • LifeStraw is chemical-free & virtually removes all bacteria (99.9999 percent) and protozoan parasites (99.9 percent) that can contaminate water.

You have to remove the caps on both ends of the straw, place the filter end in water and drink water through the top mouth-piece, that's it! It is very sleek, easy to carry, it needs no specific place in your gear, as it comes with a neck band making it even more easier to use while you are on-the-go. LifeStraw is definitely designed by keeping simplicity and ease of use in mind. These are the actual steps involved in this award-winning water filtration process: 
  • When you draw water through LifeStraw, water force fully enters the narrow fibers under high pressure and these hollow fibers trap bacteria and other contaminants. 
  • These are flushed out in a receding fashion, only clean water exits through tiny pores and comes out of the hollow fibers.
  • This filtered water is now free from 99.99% pathogens and is totally safe to drink.

Here is the real-time demo of LifeStraw, the way we are supposed to use it! 
Source - EarthEasy

As you know, we live in the mid-west, and it's freezing cold outside with all water-bodies frozen. I wasn't able to put LifeStraw into it's actual usage yet, and i can't wait to test it in nature, when we head out outdoors. LifeStraw filters about 1000 liters of water, which means it takes approximately about a year before you have to replace your lifeStraw with new one. LifeStraw is the perfect way to give the gift of clean drinking water to the Outdoor Enthusiasts and the Travel lovers in your life. 

LifeStraw also gives back, through their ongoing Follow the Liters program. Through this program, a portion of the revenue from each LifeStraw purchased by a consumer is used to purchase and distribute high-volume LifeStraw filters to schools in western Kenya without access to safe water. This could be a throughout gift to someone who loves outdoors activities, camping and such adventures. To check out more about LifeStraw and to purchase one for yourself or your friend, click HERE! This LifeStraw Personal Water Filter retails for $20 and to check out their other interesting products, click HERE

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I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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This is great! I'm going to get one for my upcoming travel around Central America, thanks for the review.

Reading this also makes me appreciate that we don't have to worry about water safety in the UK or in the EU... lucky us!

Steve Berke
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I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

Keep up the good work :) from CWR