Ozeri - Elite & Elegant Ceramic Knife Set & Matching Stand!

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Kitchen is the place where delicious meals and happy memories are made! Knives are the most important and fundamental tools in any kitchen. I enjoy cooking in my kitchen and i couldn't agree more on the quote - "A Sharp Knife is a Chef's Best Friend!". But the good news is that to own a elite, elegant, sharp and efficient kitchen knife set, you need not to be a Chef! How about ceramic knives?! I personally think they are even more attractive and cool to handle. Ozeri offers you a set of 3-piece ceramic knife set, which is very efficient, and together with it's matching knife stand, it is sure to compliment your kitchen in no-time!

The Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knife Set includes 3 ultra-sharp 100% ceramic knives that  are perfect for chopping, mincing and dicing easier than ever. These knives are sharper and perfectly designed with ergonomic handles. Ozeri claims utilizing the purest ceramic, making each of these blades much harder and their sharpness 10 times longer than steel blades. Unlike the metal knives, Ozeri ceramic knives do not corrode, rust or leach metal ions from extended exposure to moisture, oils and dirt. The weight of these knives are much lesser than a typical metal knife. 

I cook almost everyday and it is a must for me to have efficient, time-saving kitchen gadgets that only save time but also cool to work with. I have always had stainless steel knives most of the times and ever since i started using ceramic knives, i felt the differences very well. I love using ceramic knives to slice veggies, fruits, boneless meat and to cut herbs like cilantro, mint, etc., Meal pre-preparation steps couldn't easier than this. Unlike steel knives, the ceramic knives are light-weighted and need not to be sharpened frequently. These are sharper, stronger and needs minimal effort to slice through anything.

Ceramic knives aren’t meant to cut hard food such as frozen foods, bones, or anything that is tough to slice. Ceramic knives are extremely sharp and their blades are very hard. In-spite of their hardness, the blades are very brittle. They are prone to chipping easily and shouldn't be used on hard cutting surfaces too. Just like any-other ceramic knife, Ozeri knives are to be handled with utmost care. Best way to do this is to get their adjustable ceramic knife set stand, designed exclusively for this knife set!

The knife stand looks very sturdy, neat, stylish and the slots actually move, meaning you can adjust the angle of the stand as you stagger or arrange the knives in a row. These are made up of durable acrylic material, with a reflective black veneer making it look more elegant. So far the knives and this knife stand together has made my kitchen time much more productive, easier and efficient than before. Whenever i use my knife i wash it carefully with mild soap and water, wipe it clean and place it in it's designated slot in this knife stand. Maintaining the durability of ceramic knives could never be easier than this! 

To purchase your Ozeri Ceramic Knife Set, click HERE! The Matching Knife Stand is very minimally priced and is useful to keep the ceramic knife set safe and maintain the "like-new" look forever!

The Ceramic Knife set retails for $40 in Amazon and the Adjustable Knife Stand retails for just $10. Together this 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set & the Adjustable Knife Stand are sure to add beauty to your kitchen! This Ozeri knife set & the compatible knife stand could be the perfect gift to yourself or to anyone who loves cooking!

Have you tried Ceramic Knives before? What are your thoughts on Ozeri Ceramic Knives? 

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Tamra Phelps
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I like the idea of not needing to sharpen them so often. It seems every knife we have goes dull really quickly!

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This is nice and very shiny ceramic knife. It is very flexible and easy to use. Ceramic knife is very important for our households and restaurant because it makes our work super fast and very easier. If you want to get more tips visit here.