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Where-ever we go, whatever we buy there is nothing to beat hand-crafted products that are made with natural ingredients and true passion. It could be hard finding such products every time we shop. Isn't it wonderful to have only the finest of bath and beauty products, delivered to your door-step every single month?! Terra Bella Box does, just that! At Terra Bella Box, they source beauty products that are handmade by small businesses from finest natural ingredients. These beauty products are handmade in small batches, with the greatest of care and lots of love, making Terra Bella Box even more special!

Terra Bella Box is a subscription service that sends you 5-6 natural beauty products each month. The box will include a variety of beauty products for body, bath, face and hair. You can opt for an ongoing month-to-month subscription with no contract, or you can also purchase subscription packages of 3, 6 or 12 months for a discounted price. 
Cost : $37.95
Shipping : FREE

Looking for a different version? Check out Terra Bella Box Lite, which is the same as the regular Terra Bella Box, except you only receive 2-3 items per month. Terra Bella Box Lite is only offered as a month-to-month subscription!
Cost : $17.95
Shipping : FREE

Personal Experience: 
I was lucky enough to get hands on this gorgeous box for the month of November. It had some really cool stuff included. I loved the way they present their box, each item is wrapped individually and placed hidden perfectly inside the packing paper. The unboxing was such a pleasant experience, almost like opening christmas presents one by one! The November Terra Bella Box included the following.

  • Sage & Sea Apothecary - Organic Facial Steam:
Facial steams are great to use between cleansing and applying a face mask to encourage your pores to open, allowing your skin to really reap all the healing benefits of the mask and also to loosen dirt and debris. I am excited about trying a organic facial steam with lavender & chamomile, for the first time. 
  • Susan's Soaps & More - Almond Face Scrub:
Wow! This almond face scrub includes my most favorite - Oatmeal as an ingredient, which is awesome! Not just that, it also has corn-meal which is also an excellent exfoliator. This scrub smells amazing, exfoliates and gently cleanses face after every use and feels more like a perfect home-made scrub made with lots of care!
  • Poppy & Someday - Coriander Herbal Lip Stain:
This lip stain is fabulous, it not only moisturizers lips but also gives a wonderful glow. I am always conscious about the beauty products i use, especially the ones i use on lips. I fell in love with this lip stain the moment i read the ingredients list. Seriously!! Coriander essential oil, Alkanet root, Beet root, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, Bee-wax - All Organic/Handcrafted! Don't you want to try it on now!?
  • Beige Dusk & Greys - Eye Balm : Makeup Remover & Overnight Treatment:
This eye balm is extra moisturizing cream with exotic oils that have anti aging properties and protection from harmful free radicals. It leaves the delicate skin around the eyes clean and moisturized. Rose-Hip seed oil, Chia seed oil, Evening primrose oil, and house infused macadamia oil all nourish and repair skin. I applied this eye balm overnight and totally loved the results. The light exotic scent is also a BIG plus to this all-natural, organic eye-balm!
  • SkinDeep Naturals - Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds:
These soft and absorbent cleansing pads are the perfect size for eye makeup removal. So soft and luxurious, and very effective in removing makeup. Best part, these are re-usable! Just toss in the laundry after each use. You can never go wrong with organic cotton!
  • Wellsmith - Scented Shea Butter in Clover Fields & Aloe:
If skin products with Shea butter is better, how about a cute little tin of hand-made Shea butter itself? This has only 2 ingredients - Shea butter and fragrance oil. This is infused with Clover Fields/Aloe scent. This is perfect to throw in purse and definitely great for moisturizing your skin, even when you are on the go.

There are some cool things that set Terra Bella Box apart from usual beauty boxes. First one being the natural products that are made in small-batches. Meaning, each product is made with utmost care and attention. Next, each box is different from the previous one, meaning every time you get to try new item, new brands, new variety of product. 

November box is my first Terra Bella Box and it exceeded my expectation. All the products included in this box are unique, fresh and totally new. I loved of them, and it's really tough ranking them. It's great getting introduced to new hand-crafted products, brands that we are usually unaware of. Overall, Terra Bella Box is perfect for anyone who would love trying new, innovative, all-natural products at the comfort of their home.

To Purchase:
You can check out the subscription options HERE. You could treat yourself or surprise your loved ones by purchasing this ONE-TIME Terra Bella box, which includes 4-6 items for $24!

Right now, they are also offering a Winter 2015 Limited Edition Box, for $65, and it includes products worth over $100, which is definitely a steal! The limited edition box will contain more full size products and will have a higher retail value than the regular Terra Bella Box. Very special and unique items that are perfect, just in time for the holidays.

TerraBellaBox has generously offered a special coupon code - LOVE to my readers, to get $3 OFF your subscription every single month, awesome right?! Terra Bella Box subscription is flexible, so you can even skip a month whenever you want! 

What are your thoughts on Terra Bella Box? Which is your favorite from this November box?!

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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I would love to try the almond face scrub. This box looks super fun. And I love that it's all natural.

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Looks like a very stylish and has interesting ingredients. I've never heard of coriander oil! I know this herb has a lot of benefits and I love its aroma. I also like the almond scrub that you have featured here.

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I love the idea of this! Makes a great gift, I'm sure. I know I would love to receive it. I don't normally stuff like this for myself, I have a tendency not to pamper myself, so I absolutely LOVE this.

Tamra Phelps
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I have diabetic dry skin, so I love trying good skincare products. That almond scrub or the clover fields/aloe shea butter looks great!

Hannah Chase
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This is a fabulous subscription box. Wonderful products.