Bunny-Approved Carrot Orange Smoothie with Serafino Glasses! #Ozeri

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I love glassware, as much as I am scared of handling them. That's because my hands get really delicate while using anything that's glass & the probability of me dropping it down is... high. But you know what, this has never changed my love for glassware. I believe these are so perfect to enhance the beauty of our kitchen in no-time. When i was offered a set of double walled thermo glasses from Serafino, I couldn't be more excited. Since this new-year, I have been making some lifestyle changes, one by one, slow and steady. One of which is including more healthy options in diet and increasing fruits and vegetable intake. So, whenever I feel like I need a instant boost, I don't look up for my guilty pleasures like before. Instead, I mix up my favorite fruits and veggies & then bam! my smoothies is ready in minutes. I have been making this Carrot Orange Smoothie for a while now and I thought, I would share this simple, quick and delicious smoothie recipe today!

These double-walled thermo glasses are highly durable, and come as a set of 4, so we don't have to fight over these cuties. This is not just for smoothies, cold-coffee & ice-teas, but are also perfect even for hot beverages. One thing I like the most about these glasses are that they have a better grip because of their warp-around contour. If you are like me with slippery hands, you can worry a little less now. These are insulated, so the beverage retains it's temperature a little long. Whether the drink be hot or cold, you wouldn't feel a thing on your hands while holding these glasses. Added bonus is that these glasses are microwave safe, freezer safe & also oven safe! I love the look of my beverages in these glasses and I enjoy sipping my evening cold coffees, in one of these beautiful 12oz glasses.

With Easter right around the corner, trick your kids into drinking this healthy, delicious, bunny-approved, carrot orange smoothies. Surprise them with this morning smoothie, in these gorgeous double-walled thermo glasses. Trust me, they wouldn't say 'No' to this delicious drink. Smoothies are the best way to sneak-in more healthy fruits and veggies into your kids diet. 

I have listed below, the ingredients and directions to prepare this delicious smoothie. You can go ahead and find this glass-set HERE on Amazon. Now, you are all-set! 

Bunny-Approved Carrot Orange Smoothie: 

1 cup peeled, chopped carrots
1 full orange, peeled (I used 1/2 orange  & more carrots)
1 frozen banana, chopped (secret ingredient for rich delicious smoothies)
1 cup ice or chilled milk or chilled almond milk (as per preference)

Layer ice/almond milk, peeled oranges and chopped carrots in the blender and blend until smooth. Easy, Simple & Delicious. You can also use baby-carrots instead. 

Rock your Easter with this Bunny-Approved Carrot Smoothie! What are your favorite smoothies?

Disclaimer: I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. All opinions expressed above are my own.