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Do you know? Perfumes have the power to kindle your good memories and make you feel good! Studies show that there is a connection between fragrances and our emotions, so choosing a right perfume can actually put you in a better mood! That being said, with infinite number of choices around, choosing that right perfume which fits your personality is the biggest challenge! How-about getting unique, personalized perfumes that reflects your taste and preference, delivered to you?! Of-course, with Scent Trunk, now you can avail 3 such different, distinctly unique niche perfume samples delivered to you on a monthly basis.
Scent Trunk, is a monthly subscription service which offers men, women and unisex niche fragrances tailored to individual preferences. Niche fragrances are more experiential, exclusive, and higher quality. At Scent Trunk, they take the Art of Fragrances seriously and strongly believe that perfumes has the power to change one's mood.  They even contribute 1.5% of their sales to help people fight mental illness. Best part, the niche fragrances are hand-curated as per your scent profile!

Cost - $18 per month (You can choose 6 or 12 month subscription to Save More)
Currently, Scent Truck Subscription is available in the U.S. and Canada! 
Shipping is Free! 

I love perfumes, they sort of boost my confidence and help me feel much better. I like trying exotic scents and perfumes are one of the things i don't mind investing money on. The best part about Scent Trunk is that, they take inputs from us and send samples based on our scent profile, rather than sending something totally random. You can update your scent profile anytime and review the scents you received, which helps them understand what you like and curate the next box even better! 

This is my first time with Scent Trunk and i am impressed by the variety of perfumes i got in my first box! The monthly box has 3 distinctly unique 2ML niche perfume samples and a small card with more details about the properties of the perfumes included.  The box, cards & all the samples are put together very well, and the spray strips are like extra bonus!
Pavane No. 1 by GWENDOLYN MARY - This one is my first favorite! Absolutely loved the scent and it is extra-ordinary. This is available in top (orange blossom), middle (Fresh Grass) and Base (Fig Litchi) notes. This is kind of bold,  very refreshing and rich, i am sure to purchase the full-sized one soon. 

Red Cattleya by OLYMPIC ORCHIDS - Omg! This scent is again fabulous, very fresh, soft and a gorgeous blend of fruity and floral notes. This is available in Top (Citruses, Peach), Middle ( Apricot, Melon) and Base (Lilac & Vanilla) Notes. I love the exotic orchid smell from this perfume and prefer it to be in the base note.

Coconut Sugar by NOTE Fragrances - This scent is more on the fruity side and i like it's fragrance after few minutes, rather than the instant scent. This is available in Top(Kiwi), Middle( Coconut Milk, Freesia) and Base ( Vanilla Musk) notes. The feel, this is kind of strong for me, if you prefer scents that fall under base note and more fruity, you would love this.

Incase you are wondering what are these NOTES? These are the scales used to categorize perfumes on the longevity of their scents, as BASE, MIDDLE or TOP! The base note is usually the strongest in scent and long-lasting of all the three. The middle note is ranked next to base, and the top notes are the lightest scents, meaning they last only for a short-time compared to the other two.

I liked all the three perfumes included in my first box, and i love that the scents are all totally different from one another! I use perfumes everyday and i love having choices, making Scent Trunk subscription, a perfect option to see which scents i rely like! The box says these would last for a month, and i must have to see if they really last that long. Overall, Scent Trunk is a fabulous way to get hands on interesting and exotic niche perfumes that you would love, at the ease of your home! 

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Have you tried niche perfumes before? What are your thoughts on Scent Trunk?

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