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I have always had a passion for local, hand-made, artisan products that not only look & feel unique but also portray incredible stories behind. It's not often, we get hands on such flawless art work that reflects the beauty of rich and varied heritage. Who wouldn't enjoy the experience of getting exclusive, hand-crafted artisan products from different parts of the world, delivered to doorstep? I would say it's like dream come true! Most products I represent here, are either organic, eco-friendly, all-natural or incredibly special in one way or other. How about all of this? Awesome, right! GlobeIn - fits in all these categories, in-fact even more! In this modern world, we often forget acknowledging the world-wide artisans and their incredible pieces of craft work. Not anymore, with GlobeIn Subscription, you could now get hands on remarkable crafts, empower remote artisans & experience distant cultures around the globe, without having to step out of your home!

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription, where they send you a bunch of exclusive, handcrafted artisan products from different parts of the world. GlobeIn takes extreme pride in supporting the underprivileged artisans and bringing their incredible crafts to the worldwide audience. Each GlobeIn box is personally hand-curated based on a specific monthly theme. It's like getting beautiful pieces of craft work across the world in a box, that's right, with GlobeIn monthly subscription, you can now 'Experience The Globe' in a box Palm-Leaf Basket! 

GlobeIn monthly boxes are $35/month and you can save more if you opt for a 3-month or 6month subscription. The monthly subscription service is highly flexible and they also offer Benefit-Basket that delivers one delightful handcrafted good, nestled inside their signature palm-leaf basket, for just $19.99/month. Shipping is FREE, within the U.S!

Use Exclusive Coupon Code - REVIEWLOVE - for 25%OFF your 1st month box, when you purchase the 3 or 6 month subscription!

You can also avail/send the GlobeIn Boxes world-wide for the same price, with shipping charges being $12 for Canada, and $15 for everywhere else. When I explored their website, one thing that I personally felt great about this team is the amount of research behind every theme and the incredible way they curate the boxes, every month.

This is my first experience with GlobeIn and I must say that this is definitely unique, stands out from the usual subscriptions. They offer you all the goodies inside a gorgeous, hand-woven palm-leaf basket, what!! The GlobeIn box also comes with a cool quote, that helps you guess the theme and the type of items to expect. This month's theme is Bathe, & the box had a quote about relaxation! There is also a booklet, with details about the items included and incredible stories about the people behind them. The presentation is also impressive, everything is so thoughtfully arranged inside the hand-woven palm basket! 

Pestemal Bath Towel from Turkey  - This is the guaranteed spoiler for this month, a super-sized bath towel from Turkey, made up of 100% cotton. There are various colors available and I got the pink one, and I love the color. These towels are so gentle, and absorbs water faster than the regular towels, and also dries quickly. I love using turkey towels for my hair, and this is a cool addition to my set.

Hand Towel from Turkey - One more towel, but totally differentThis hand towel is much thicker than the above bath towel, and is very soft. This towel is made in Turkey and it comes with raised, smoother terry texture on one side. Again this is very generously sized for a hand towel.

Alaffia Lemongrass Citrus African Black Soap - I am a huge fan of artisan soaps and I am excited to try this African Black Soap. The Lemongrass citrus scent is so delightful and the soap looks like a huge bar of chocolate! This soap is made from centuries old recipe of handcrafted, triple milled, certified fair-trade Shea butter & West African palm kernel oil.

Silk Face Scrub from Turkey  - You wouldn't notice this at all, but since I read the booklet first, I was particularly looking out for this. Very thoughtful addition to the 'Bathe' theme! This is different from the usual scrub pads, looks very unique and made from 100% raw cocoon silk. This facial mitt is anti-bacterial and gently purifies the face and neck, by boosting collagen production and by removing dead cells.

Alaffia Shea & Red Palm Mango Citrus Body Lotion - This has a wonderful scent, a combo of citrus and mango fragrance. This lotion gets absorbed instantly, making skin feel very soft and hydrated . This is made with certifies Shea butter, red palm oil, and so is rich in natural vitamins and anti-oxidants.

GlobeIn Palm Leaf Basket from Mexico - This signature GlobeIn product, is probably the unique idea ever, for a monthly subscription service. The baskets are hand-made, very neat, and multi-colored. There are endless ways you can incorporate these baskets. This looks so cool that you can have it as home decor, to add a instant beauty to your living space. This basket is from Mexico and it is definitely a elegant piece of art! Click HERE to see some cool ways to use this GlobeIn signature palm-leaf baskets!

Personally, I think GlobeIn subscription is such a incredible way to support those remote artisans, and change their lives for good, as we enjoy their remarkable hand work. The monthly boxes are $35/month and you can save more if you opt for a 3-month or 6month subscription.

Use the Exclusive Coupon Code - REVIEWLOVE - for 25%OFF your 1st box, when you purchase the 3 or 6 month subscription!

The monthly subscription service is highly flexible and they also offer Benefit-Basket that delivers one delightful handcrafted good, nestled inside their signature palm-leaf basket, for just $19.99/month. Shipping is FREE, within the U.S!

What do your thoughts on GlobeIn Monthly subscription? 

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those I believe will be good for my readers.


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These are awesome boxes! I'm very interested.

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Love Globe in!! What an amazing company that takes amazing handmade goods that are fair trade and sell them!! I just adore the items they choose and the goods they promote!!

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This is nice great boxes

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