Top 5 Next Best Things to Water! Ultimate Drinks to Keep You Hydrated!!

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As you know I try my best to follow new healthy choices that need very less or zero effort. That way it becomes easier to stick to that habit much faster. That being said, there is no surprise you see one more post related to diet and stuff. I want to share these amazing shortcuts to make your fitness regime even more effective & interesting. Ever since I incorporated these ultimate drinks in my diet, i feel so good and much more refreshed. Apart from having a healthy, nutritious, well-balanced diet, the main thing to concentrate when you decide to lose weight, is your daily fluid intake. Staying hydrated, along with a proper diet could make your weight loss goals much more easier. When I say daily fluids, I mean only the healthy stuff that come in the list, right next to water! It's just not about hydrating yourself, but also helping your body to flush out the toxins and lose weight literally, with zero effort. If you are too lazy to drink plain water everyday, go ahead and include these drink varieties with health benefits. You can thank me later!

Green Tea:
I am sure you must have seen 'Green Tea', a 1000 times before. But trust me, there is nothing like REAL GREEN TEA! For all of us trying to lose weight with ease, Green tea is the next BEST thing to water. I know people you don't like the taste & flavor of green tea. May be little lemon juice or honey could help. But, you don't have to think anything, just drink! I can't stress enough, Just Drink IT, 3 times a day and you could feel the change within a month or so. Make sure you get the real loose tea leaves (not tea bags) or maybe, get the ones in pyramid tea-bags with space for the leaves to expand as you brew. It's great if the leaves get greener when you brew them and it feels more fresh, 'Greener, the better!". I have been drinking green tea for a while now and keep an eye for some detailed posts featuring my favorite brands and varieties. yay!

Infused Water:
Again, infuser bottles are like tv remotes these days and every home has at-least one. But, what amazes me is the crazy number of combinations you can try with this option. I make about 2 liters in a pitcher and allow the ingredients to infuse overnight and drink it the next day. I love trying different flavors but for weight loss, you have to stick to lemon again! Here are few of my favorite combinations to infuse water. 
  • Slices of Lemon/Lime With Slices of Cucumber  & Mint leaves for Flavor!
  • Few raspberries + 2 slices of orange! 
  • Bunch of blueberries, raspberries & blackberries! 
Check out this Fruit & Tea Infuser pitcher with great reviews - HERE!

Coconut Water :
Coconut Water tastes best when fresh and is definitely the best possible alternative for sugar-rich sodas and other aerated drinks. Coconut water has endless benefits and also aids in healthy weight loss, flawless skin-care and overall digestion. All of us don't have the privilege to enjoy coconut water fresh from the tree, but it's a must to make sure you don't drink sugar in the name of coconut water. When you buy coconut water from stores, READ THE INGREDIENTS! Never buy the ones that are sweetened or infused with flavors. But only the ones with 'coconut water' as the only ingredient, like this one on Amazon. 

Fresh Juice:
I highly recommend consuming smoothies and vegetable juices that are made fresh at home. Fruit and vegetable juices are at their best when consumed fresh and try to avoid sugar or any other artificial sweeteners. If you are planning to cut calories and lose weight without efforts, fruit and vegetable based diet would be very effective. I consume my morning berry smoothies right after i prepare them and love it with a nice drizzle of honey on top. If you are wondering what do i use for making my protein shakes and fruit smoothies, it's this NINJA Blender.

The term 'Buttermilk' refers to a number of dairy drinks, but I am talking about the yogurt-based drink, and is very rich in probiotics. It takes only few minutes to make fresh buttermilk at home, but the benefits are endless. Buttermilk is well known for it's hydrating and cooling properties, which helps people to rehydrate and beat the heat of hot summer, in countries like India. I usually take about 4-5 spoon of yogurt in a drinking glass with lid, pour water and shake it rigorously. A pinch of salt at-last, wouldn't hurt. Buttermilk is very less in calories and can be consumed instead of other beverages, in the evenings. Buttermilk doesn't work as weight-loss agent, but helps you stay away from unhealthy snack options and keeps you hydrated. You can click HERE to know more about this delicious drink. 

If you are looking for something funky for your kitchen or to entertain your kids, check out this gorgeous yogurt maker

Share your favorite go-to drink that you love & that helps you maintain weight & stay hydrated!

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