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We were living in the mid-west for long time and it always felt like we had a year long winter there. Now being in the 'Sunshine State', actually keeps us more active and spend most of our weekends outdoors. I am that kind of person who would get hungry instantly during any time of the day and it's mostly for something to munch on. When we are spending lot of time traveling, or hanging out in new places, it's so convenient to have bunch of healthy snacks handy. I rarely succeeded in getting such guilt-free snacks, but now I have FitSnack box, which is just like my dream come true. I open the box and pick whatever I feel like having for that day and stock up on all those I love. New to FitSnack? It is a monthly subscription box that offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack varieties, that are not only delicious, but also healthy & nutritious. They focus on ensuring each product included in the box fall under, at-least two or more of these categories - GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural. Also, 90% of the Fit Snack boxes are Gluten-Free & include cool bonus items such as energy boosters, supplements, or refreshing beverages. You also get some of their exclusive and easy-to-follow workout ideas.

I have always had great experience with the FitSnack boxes. Most of the healthy snacks included are those which are hard to find by our own either online or even in stores. FitSnack subscription box offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack items, generally worth over $30. The monthly subscription starts at $23.90/month, but for a Limited time, you can get 50%OFF your First Fit-Snack box using this exclusive LINK. You could head over HERE to check out the past FitSnack boxes.

Grayson Natural Beef Stick
Beef stick! This one is made with 100% grass fed beef. No added hormones, no antibiotics, no MSG or nitrates and 100% gluten-free, which is cool.

Natures’ Path Qi’a Bar
More than meat, I always look for fruit and energy bars. I feel like they are more convenient to carry in handbag and to have anytime when you are hungry, somewhere away from home. This bar is made with roasted peanuts, fair trade dark chocolate, chia seeds and hemp seeds - a energy bar with all of my favorite ingredients.

Kiwa Chips
I liked the way this is packaged. These are kettle cooked chips made from Native Andean Potatoes and look just like the way they are pictured in the cover. Kiwi chips is 100% natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Burkart Organics Mixed Fruit
This is full sized 8oz bag filled with a variety of dried fruits like persimmon, white nectarine, yellow peach, apricot, and jujube. All of these are 100% locally grown and doesn't have any preservatives, sugars or concentrates.

High Brew Coffee Black & Bold 
Cold brewed, fair trade certified coffee with lots of natural caffeine.  This is very refreshing drink and each can has only 8 grams of sugar and 60 calories. I believe that we had this item in one of their earlier boxes.

Kracklin’ Kamut
These are little packets of organic Kamut grains, carefully roasted and lightly salted. I don't think there is a definite way to have this, I just had them as such, right out of the package. I liked these a lot and these ancient grains are really crunchy and healthy too.

Tranzend Detox Stix
This is not exactly a snack, just a supplement that is designed to naturally eliminate harmful toxins, reduce the negative impacts of stress, upgrade our organ function, and improve our overall digestive health.

Smarty Pants Vitamins
These are listed as the “bonus item”. There were two different flavors included, I like getting gummy vitamins like this, as I rarely try new ones by my own.

Overall, this is a reasonably good box with some really cool full-sized snacks! FitSnack monthly subscription starts at $23.90/month and their subscription is highly flexible, meaning you can pre-pay or pause your subscription anytime. Use this exclusive LINK to get your first box at just $15.80.

Have you ever tried snack subscriptions before? What are your thoughts on FitSnack? 

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.