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Chocolates! I love, love and LOVE Chocolates. To be more specific, dark chocolates are my addiction and I'm proud of it. Could you imagine this world without chocolates? No way right?! Forget Love, I would rather fall in chocolates all over again! Trust me, I know something better than chocolates, YES! Honey-sweetened chocolates. Even better, how about a bar of organic chocolate that is sweetened with organic honey? I am not dreaming, that's what is actually happening in the Liberty Chocolate, the pride of Vermont. I am 100% sure there wouldn't be any replacement for chocolates ever, and it's just smart to choose the one that's the ultimate best. I got a wonderful chance to try some of the Liberty chocolate bars, they are totally unique and delicious. I have had chocolates all my life, but honey sweetened ones? never before. I was able to feel the difference in taste, Honey makes these chocolates so special, tasty, unique and delicious.

Unlike other, "Liberty Chocolateis SO SPECIAL! Are you wondering what makes them so special apart from the best organic ingredients possible? The HONEY! Yes, Liberty chocolates are unique concoction of organic cacao from Peru, and organic honey, creating the best tasting, melt-in-mouth chocolate bars rich in nutrients and flavor! 

Pumpkin Spice Caramel: These are perfect for Halloween, brings back the Fall memories with it's strong hint of Pumpkin pie & Caramel. This has a unique taste, i was able to taste and smell the caramel and the pumpkin pie spices!
Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, organic coconut milk, organic vanilla, organic coconut oil, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg & organic cloves.

Almond Coconut: This dark chocolate was delicious with Coconut shreds and sliced almonds! This one is the sweetest of all and i loved the sweetness of honey.
Ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder, organic coconut shreds, organic almond slices, organic honey, and organic vanilla bean.

Peanut Butter Banana: My personal favorite, I loved this Peanut Butter Banana Bar! Perfect for anyone who loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I was able to feel the chunky peanut butter here and there and totally loved it. 
Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, Vermont Peanut Butter® Chunky Peanut Butter, organic freeze dried bananas, and organic vanilla.

Hazelnut Coffee: Perfectly balanced taste of French toast coffee and nutty hazelnut flavor !
Ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder, organic honey, organic vanilla bean and organic coffee beans.

Extra dark Chocolate: This has 83% Cocoa, extremely rich and smooth with a hint of honey! This is perfect for dark chocolate lovers like me!
Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, and organic vanilla.

Chai Expresso: I usually skip chocolates that had 'chai' in its name, i know, lame right! This chocolate made me realize i was wrong! I totally loved the unique flavor of exotic spices in honey sweetened chocolate!
Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, Vermont Coffee Company's Organic Espresso Beans, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic cardamom, organic ginger, and organic vanilla.

Maple Gingersnap: This is one of my favorites too! You have to try this chocolate bar to feel the unique taste and goodness of honey and ginger!                                         
Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, organic maple sugar, Butterfly Bakery®’s Organic Maple Gingersnap Cookies (Organic whole spelt flour, organic pure Vermont maple syrup, sunflower oil, ground dried ginger, arrowroot, baking powder, baking soda, salt), and organic vanilla.

At Liberty chocolates, they have an Incredible Passion about what they do, believe in the concept of support and community rather than competition and dominance. Inside each chocolate wrapper, they have some of their inspiring policies, stories and dreams at Liberty Chocolate!! 

Overall, these chocolates are delicious, unique and rich-flavored. These make the perfect, guilt-free, best gifts to anyone, anytime of the year. There are also a lot of unique flavored chocolate bars, all made from the purest, all-natural, simplest ingredients possible. 

Every single ingredient used in making these chocolate bar is organic, making them even more special! These are dairy-free, soy-free and contains NO added sugar, and are sweetened by honey! Personally, I feel these are very reasonably priced, considering all the organic and locally grown ingredients that are used!
To purchase these for yourself or your loved ones, head over HERE! These are available as gift-boxes of 10 chocolate bars, costing about $40, i.e. JUST $4 per bar approximately!! To know more about their incredible ingredients, click HERE!

What is your favorite chocolate flavor? Have you tried any of these Liberty chocolates before? 

I received this product for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers!