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It's always exciting to open up subscription boxes especially the one that you know is going to be awesome, the one that is filled with tasty, healthy and satisfying snack varieties. You must have guessed that I am talking about one of my favorite snack subscriptions. Yes! Fitsnack is a monthly subscription service that offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack varieties, that are not only delicious, but also healthy & nutritious. They focus on ensuring each product included in the box fall under, at-least two or more of these categories - GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural. Also, 90% of the Fit Snack boxes are Gluten-Free & include cool bonus items such as energy boosters, supplements, or refreshing beverages. Ever since I got introduced to Fitsnack, choosing a healthy snack has become so effortless and easy! This subscription starts at $23.90/month, but for a limited time, you can get 50%OFF your First FitSnack box using this exclusive LINK! Along with the variety of delicious snacks, you also get exclusive and easy-to-follow workout ideas each month.

I have always had great experience with the FitSnack monthly boxes. Most of the healthy snacks included are those products, which are thoughtfully-made, hard to find by our own, either online or even in stores. FitSnack subscription offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack items, generally worth over $30. You could read all of my past FitSnack reviews HERE and get to know about the subscription better.

This subscription starts at $23.90/month, but for a limited time, you can get 50%OFF your First Fit Snack Box using this exclusive LINK!

Ellyndale Naturals Q Cups: Organic Quinoa in a cup - with a hint of sea salt! I am a huge fan of quinoa and these packs are perfect when you are having a busy day or even during travel. I love how there are only 2 ingredients in this pack  - Organic quinoa, sea salt.

Fawen Drinkable Soup: We often get these kind of drinkable soup varities and this time I got 'beet and cabbage' with cumin. This variety rely looks interesting and I look forward to try this. This ready-to-drink soup is a plant-based superfood with all natural ingredients.

Amsety Nutrition Bar: I like getting grab-and-go snacks like this Amsety nutrition bars. These gluten-free, organic nutrition bars are designed to support liver health and come in yummy varieties like 'peanut-butter' and dark-chocolate'.

Rise Buddy Chips: I like getting these baked 'whole grain' brown rice crisps as they are just as tasty as the fried ones. This time, I got the sour-cream and onion flavor, which is one of my favorite flavors when it comes to chips. I am so excited to munch on this soon.

Nutiva Hazelnut Spread: I got two samples of the classic Nutiva hazelnut spread in this box. I love the dark chocolate variety that came in one of the earlier Fitsnack boxes and so excited to get these once again.

Swish4 Energy Mouth Rinse: I have never heard of this product before. This science-driven oral rinse freshens breath, enhances alertness, cools your mouth, and maintains endurance. This contains 72mg of caffeine, vitamin E, peppermint essential oils.

This month's bonus item is this Muscle Research Whey Isolate in Vanilla flavor. Each of these samples have about 24g of protein and these are perfect to give you protein-punch through your daily smoothies.

I love Fit-snack boxes and the fact of getting introduced to totally new, yummy, guilt-free snack varieties each month. Fit-snack monthly subscription starts at $23.90/month and their subscription is highly flexible, meaning you can pre-pay or pause your subscription anytime.

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Have you ever tried FitSnack? What are your thoughts on Fit Snack Monthly Boxes?  

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