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As this is my first post i got so excited and decided to share my experience with one of my favorite watches, i bought a while ago! 

It is the Victoria Watch from Lacoste, it is very trendy and has a classic look.watchgift

I was looking for a watch that could fit all my outfits, both the professional and the casual ones. Thats when i came across this classic watch at Macy's. However i didn't buy it right away thinking that i could find something else, online which is more affordable. After browsing for a while, i found that i was already into this watch and thats why couldn't make up my mind to select any other watch.

Yay.. finally i bought it online from Amazon. My husband was pretty sure from the beginning, that this is the watch, i will end up buying, how smart!  

Talking about the watch, the round dial looks bold, very attractive, silver toned with sparkling rainbow colored crystals embedded all around.

The dial come with three hands, quartz movement and a croc logo at the center. The croc is very well embellished with the rainbow crystals, just like the circular dial. The detail is so neat that you can appreciate it even after years! The white background makes it clear, easy to read. I love the idea of using the brand name 'LACOSTE' to denote numbers which gives the watch a unique and iconic look.

The white calfskin strap is 20mm in width, making it even more elegant and attractive. In-spite of the shimmering crystals, the watch looks so professional and blends well with any outfit/color.

I personally love the Lacoste logo and its so cool that the logo is seen in quite lot of places including the buckle closure, the crown and the strap.

This fashion watch is water resistant (30 meters/3ATM) meaning this is suitable for everyday use, rain and splash resistant but not for showering, diving or swimming. This one comes with a 2 year limited warranty and the battery life ranges from 2-3 years approximately.

Talking about this particular watch,

1) It is very fashionable, affordable making it a perfect choice.
2) Has a trendy, attractive yet elegant, professional look.
3) The white strap, multicolored crystals blends well with any color/outfit.
4) Sometimes the dial doesn't stand in place and turns sidewards,   however considering other features this doesn't matter much for me.

In my opinion: You can't go wrong with this watch. And.. YES
This could be the perfect gift for HERYou can check out this watch at amazon HERE!

I have this almost for a year now and it suits very well for everyday rough usage. I love it so much that, this is more like a sentiment these days, to wear this for special occasions.

Comment and let me know if have any sentiments like this!?


This is not a sponsored post. The product reviewed is bought out of my own personal funds.
All the thoughts expressed above are honest and 100% my own.


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angela simms
1:55 PM delete

I don't wear a watch unless its a special occasion. I would wear this one for the white band and the colorful logo.

7:04 PM delete

This is so beautiful id love a watch like this..

9:17 AM delete

Exactly, the white leather strap and the colorful dial makes this watch stand out, from the rest!

9:18 AM delete

Glad you liked it! This is indeed very pretty!