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Recently i felt my skin is getting dry within hours after applying moisturizer. After few weeks of over-boarding my usual skin routine,  i was like, how did i forget the only and only lifesaver i have known for years, the Coconut Oil!

Trust me, i have always wondered how could coconut oil be so magical, and it keeps on surprising me till now. Since my childhood i have used coconut oil in various ways and in fact i grew up seeing all about its endless benefits.

We use a lot of coconut oil at home and this time i bought, a 32OZ huge jar of Nature's Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.

The Coconut oil from nature's way states it is pure, cold pressed, gluten-free and an excellent energy source, making it ideal for exercise and weight loss programs. It has reasonably long shelf life making it last for a while.

It has a smooth creamy texture, thick consistency and remains as solid at room temperature. It has a light taste and a slightly bold aroma of fresh coconuts. I use it externally as part of my daily skin care. Since my husband is not a big fan of coconut oil taste, i don't use it that frequently for cooking. However you can use this in frying or baking in place of butter or other cooking oils.


I love using this Nature's Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil regularly as a part of my skin, hair care treatments at home. I apply coconut oil on face and leave it over-night. It does wonders on my skin and makes it feel much softer and healthier the next morning.

Simple and easiest way to maintain healthier hair is to apply coconut oil to scalp and massage for few minutes. Leave it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour before you wash. It nourishes well and works as a natural conditioner for any hair type.

Coconut oil is undoubtedly the best, all-natural body lotion you can ever find. It can be applied directly to soothe dry skin, combat acne, heal chapped lips, natural deodorant, exfoliator scrub, and even as after-shave lotion.


Taking about the product in question,

1) Nature's way coconut oil has a good aroma, light taste and a very smooth texture.
2) This mixes well with other essential oils, without dominating their fragrances.
3) Doesn't get harder like other coconut oils and very easy to scoop.
4) Comes in a plastic jar, very easy to carry around and no refrigeration needed.
5) There is NO strong taste when used in cooking or even while toasting, this could be a concern if you are looking for a bold, rich coconut flavor.

In my opinion: Personally I prefer light coconut flavor in my food. So i would say, YES this product is definitely worth a try and is way better than most other oils i have tried.

You can check this in amazon HERE!

Do you use coconut oil at home? If so for what?!


This is not a sponsored post. The product reviewed is bought out of my own personal funds.
All the thoughts expressed above are honest and 100% my own.


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angela simms
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My husband doesn't like the coconut taste either so I skip using it for cooking. I have used it for dry skin and I will continue to use it as a skin moisturizer this winter.

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Love coconut oil for everything!!

9:19 AM delete

Nothing better than all-natural coconut oil!! :)

9:21 AM delete

That is a coincidence :) Very nice to know that you use coconut oil for your skin care routine!