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I have been using few of the St.Ives products for years now! I am more than a fan of St.Ives! However, this is the first time i am getting my hands on their Apricot Scrub! I felt it is unfair not to share the awesomeness of this product and my personal experience after using it! This scrub deeply exfoliates and helps in revealing smoother skin, by removing all the impurities and dead cells on the top.

So, Why Exfoliate?
Exfoliation helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, it cleanses your skin and the dirt built-up in your pores. It also smooths your skin and improves its overall texture, look and appearance! As a bonus, It ensures proper blood flow to the face, adds freshness and glow to your skin!

First Impression!
I was searching for a nice exfoliant and that is how i came across this product. As i said i am familiar with similar St.Ives products and wanted to try this one. 

The St.Ives Apricot Scrub comes in a well sized container and probably it will last for long-time. The label claims that this is a award winning scrub with 100% natural exfoliants!

The first best thing is the smell of this scrub! It is HEAVENLY. I feel like eating it every-time i smell it, lol. Seriously you have to smell it, and you can't agree more!

Next, the Ingredients! 
St.Ives Apricot Scrub has quiet a long list of ingredients! And almost all of them are common components we see in the recent cosmetic products of various brands!

This contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) which is often confused with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Just to add, unlike SLS, SLSA is mild, safe for most skin-types, including sensitive skin. It helps in removing oil build-up and bacteria without irritating the skin.

Personal Experience!
Again the most remarkable thing about the scrub is its fragrance! Next to the lovely smell, comes the texture! This is not too coarse and doesn't have that plastic like substance in few other scrubs! You can feel the granules in the scrub as you apply it on face. I don't head out that often in pollution or dirt and so i didn't want to exfoliate my skin too much. I use only a little amount of scrub on my face, twice a week, followed by a moisturizer!

I have been using this St.Ives Apricot Scrub, for a while now and i am totally happy with the product! I feel my skin brighter and softer after every use. I didn't experience any dry skin issue or redness because of this scrub. I preferred this apricot scrub more than the oatmeal one which i was using earlier!

3 things to know before you exfoliate!
1) Don't rub this scrub too hard against your skin, any scrub for that matter! It may result in redness. Gentle circular motions will do the trick!
2) Don't go overboard and exfoliate your face too much. Exfoliating twice or maximum thrice a week must be suffice for any kind of skin. 
3) Skin exfoliation often causes moisture loss and sensitivity, so make it a habit to moisturize your skin after every-time you exfoliate. It restores the moisture and also prevents dry or dull skin

1) Made up of 100% natural exfoliants and comes from a trusted brand!
2) Has a wonderful smell, texture and works well even on sensitive skin!
3) Deeply exfoliates, but yet this is very mild and gentle on skin!
4) Reasonably priced and is available with almost all retailers!
5) Results in softer, brighter, smoother skin within weeks of proper usage!

Who doesn't like skin-care and face-care products that actually work!! I have always been very choosy in selecting skin products, just to be on the safer side and not to stress my skin with wide variety of ingredients! This scrub is just the right product i was looking for! 

Click HERE to find the St.Ives Apricot Scrub online in Amazon!

Have you ever tried this scrub before? How often do you exfoliate your skin!?

This is not a sponsored post. The product reviewed is bought out of my own personal funds. All the thoughts expressed above are honest and 100% my own!


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They changed the look of this. I used to use this when I was in high school in the 90s! St. Ives was what all of use used. I know back then the granules were a bit harsh and I eventually stopped using it.Heck I was a teenager I might have been rubbing it in too hard back then. lol

Joyce Duboise
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Oh this scrub looks and sounds amazing. I wish I could smell it through the screen hehe. I am seriously going to add this to my Christmas list because I’d love to give it a try. Not that I don’t have enough scrubs already lol.Hey! What’s one more?

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Love St. Ives. Love body scrubs. I ran out of my last, but need something since we just came back from the beach and I need an exfoliate to get all the sand & sea off of me.

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Oh yes, this is their new look! ha haa, that was funny.. I hope this post brought back your teenage memories!! :D

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Ha haa, Even i wish you could smell it, through the screen!! :D Am sure you will love this one, the other one i use is the 'Oatmeal Scrub + Mask' Check out here-

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Sure, It is time to try this scrub then! :D