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Who doesn't love lemonades?! I love making my own fresh lemon juice and lemonades! But it is not that fun to deal with the squeezing part, i rely wish someone could do that for me, lol. But, how about a cool kitchen gadget to ease the whole process! Check out this cool Lemon Squeezer from 'The Kitchenry'!

About the product:
Lemon squeezers are probably the simplest of all kitchen gadgets out there (oh no! i am not taking the salt shaker here)! This one from 'The Kitchenry' is a nice quality, stainless steel juicer, with a professional look too! The handles are easy to use and are designed in such a way to prevent spills. Cleaning is very easy and is also dishwasher safe. The product comes with a 100% Satisfaction or Money-back Guarantee!


Personal Experience:
We go through a lot of limes/lemons at home, especially during summer and this squeezer definitely came in handy. With this squeezer, you can juice lemons without applying a lot of pressure. There is definitely less wastage/spills.

The overall built is good and the handles are not fully flexible, meaning you can only open half way around (like the letter L). The bottom part of the squeezer holds the seeds and the handles are built in such a way to reduce spill. I personally felt the inner walls of the handles were little rough on hands. And the hinges could also been better!

1) A nice kitchen gadget which is good-to-have, if you use a lot of limes/lemons!
2) Well designed and nice quality stainless steel juicer, priced around $12.99 in amazon!
3) These are perfect for small and medium sized lemons, you have to quarter the larger sized ones!
4) I wish the walls of handles could have been made smoother, to avoid being rough on hands at-times!

You can find "The Kitchenry" lemon squeezer, HERE in Amazon!

How often do you use lemon squeezers at home? 

I received this product for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers! 


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I am starting to lose weight and one of the things they recommend is adding lemon or lime juice to flavor. This would be perfect.

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you bet! I am using this to make fresh lemonade/lemon juices and totally loving it so far!! Thanks for stopping by Diana!

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This kitchen tool looks interesting. I wonder if it gets more juice out for you than those lemon juice gadget you have to press the lemon into and turn (I cannot remember the name of that thing to save my life). It does look like something that would be handy if you got a cut on your hand and couldn't use the other gadget. Any citrus juice that gets into cut stings.

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I'm with you! I love making fresh lemonade, but I HATE squeezing all the lemons. It takes forever and is messy. But for just $13 I'm definitely going to have to give this a try.

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I love this product. I use lemons everyday in my cooking or for juice. My squeezer gets dirty with sediments and it's hard to clean. But this looks like it's so easy to use & clean.. Will definitely check it out..

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I love these kitchen gadgets (even more when they are stainless steel). I have a similar one (but with silicone handles) and I love that my little one can help me squeeze lemons to make lemonade without having to work extra hard those little hands. another thing that I love about these is that it hold the seeds because there is nothing worse than sipping your lemonade and getting a seed in you mouth! eww lol