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I prefer home cooked food most of the times and i love trying new kitchen gadgets that make the whole cooking process much more easier and faster! Here is one such product, Gelindo Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press, that i am totally impressed with!

If you are someone who avoid/have never used garlic in cooking, you might have to re-think!! Check out few of the proven benefits of garlic, HERE!
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Look & Feel of the product: 

The wonderful thing about the product is its quality. I was able to judge the quality of the product the moment i took it out of the box. The product was very well made, strong and the handles were very comfortable, firm to press. I was sure that this will ease my struggle with garlic mincing! The overall built of the product is commendable. 

Result: PASS!  This is for the gadget exterior alone, before the actual usage in our kitchen!
Okay, now let us move ahead to the next important part, Working!

About the product:

This garlic press is made up of high duty, solid stainless steel that will last longer and won't break over use. The handles are very sturdy, easy to flip, and comes with some sort of non-slip grips. These grip makes it soft, comfortable to hold and apply pressure. These handles absorb the pressure well, making the mincing part easy. This retails for $17.99 in Amazon!

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My Experience:

Personally i love herbs in my food, especially cumin & garlic, ginger! I use a lot of minced garlic while cooking, i do have a mortar and pestle to smash them up. But using a garlic press definitely makes it much more simpler, faster and saves time too!
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This piece is not too heavy, and the size is just right, measuring approximately about 7" in length and 2.5" in width. The space along the lower handle, where we place the garlic cloves is sized enough to place around 3-4 big cloves or about 5-6 smaller ones.

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The Gelindo garlic press comes with a sturdy handle that makes it easier to apply pressure and mince the cloves. However, it becomes bit tough to press if the garlic cloves are larger. As you press, the minced garlic comes out through the holes on the bottom of the lower handle. No hassles so far!

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kitchen gadget

The next part - Cleaning! 
Honestly, i hate spending more time on cleaning. I prefer gadgets that make the cleaning part easier, after every use! This one- works like a charm! The top handle where you apply pressure comes with a build-in BPA-FREE silicone cleaner. As you flip the handle, the cleaner pushes out garlic peels left out. If you are using unpeeled garlic, you might have to use your hands to remove the husk left out. Rinse off with soap and hot-water, you are done! Remember, this is also dish-washer safe, yay!

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In my opinion:
  1. This garlic press is very well designed, nice looking, perfectly functioning kitchen gadget! 
  2. This gadget definitely saves time, reduces wastage and very easy to clean too!
  3. Sometimes, if the garlic cloves are larger in size, you have to apply greater pressure get them out of the holes. I suggest cutting the larger cloves into two, to ease the process.
  4. You may have to use hands to wipe off little of the left over garlic (as pictured above), but this is by far the best choice to make!!
  5. Since, this is built to last forever, and comes with a life-time warranty, this could be the PERFECT addition to your kitchen gadgets! 
This can also be a wonderful gift to someone who loves cooking! You can check out this cool gadget in Amazon, HERE!

How often do you use minced garlic while cooking!?  How much do you prefer this gadget now? 

I received this product for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers! 


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I always wanted a garlic press. I never purchased one because I rarely cook with fresh garlic. I might have to consider getting this one.

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Absolutely, i have highlighted the goodness of fresh garlic in the post too!! :) Hope it helps!