Handy, Professional 2-in-1 Connector Cable from PowerAdd!

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Here I am, with one more handy and efficient product from PowerAdd! I have few other devices apart from the Apple gadgets. So it was kind of tedious for me to change the chargers for every device, as i use them. I was looking for a USB Connector Cable with micro USB and the 8 pin lightning charger to charge them all, without actually changing the cables. That's how i came across this 2-in-1 Connector Cable from PowerAdd.
About the Product:
The 2-in-1 Connector Cable is about 1 meter, which is long enough to access freely from the outlet to your desk. This charging cable is well made & comes in handy either you are at home, in car or in office. The lightning charger pin is attached to the main cable with a elastic plastic spring, which is the main reason i wanted to try this. The connector cable is not circular as usual, it is flat and has a perfect finish. 

Lightning Connector is useful with all Apple devices, where as the Micro USB can apply to other smartphones, hard drives,  e-readers, digital cameras, handheld gaming consoles and so on.

Personal Experience:
I have been using the Micro-USB To 8-Pin Lightning Adapter from Apple. But since it came as separate attachable piece, i had to be careful every-time, not to miss it after use or when i carry it outside. But this one is different. Since the lightening cable is always attached to the main cable by a plastic spring, there is absolutely no fear of losing it. I liked this 2-in-1 Connector Cable a lot than my previous convertor pin!

1) This is very useful & is so cool to just switch the tip and charge almost ALL of our electronics!
2) The cable is lengthy enough, that you can use the device freely even when it is connected!
3) Since the lightning charger is connected to the main cable, there is no fear of losing it!
4) The cable has a neat, perfect finish and is definitely high quality one!
5) The cable is available in amazon, retails for $12, which is very reasonable comparing it's quality! 

This is one of those must-have cool products that comes handy almost everywhere. Personally, i also loved the flat cable & the vibrant red and gray combination of the cable! You can check this out, in amazon, here!

Do you use lightening to micro USB connectors? How much do you like this product?!

I received this product for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers! 


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Looks like a great product!

Michelle Hwee
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Wow that is awesome! As someone always on the go,2 in 1 products are really fantastic. Thanks for sharing, looks awesome!!

Zan Turner
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I have never heard of it but sounds like a cool product to have around!

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Glad you liked it, Thank you for stopping by Michelle..

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Thank you for stopping by Zan! :)