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I love baking at home, especially during the "Holiday Season!", wonderful time of the year, isn't it! I believe that the smell of the freshly baked muffins & cakes complete the holiday spirit. However, these days i find it very hard to allocate time to bake something right from the scratch! I know, you feel the same, right? That's how i found The Invisible Chef, for our rescue! The Invisible Chef proudly offers a wide variety of baking mixes, that are made out of all-natural ingredients, easy to prepare, ready in minutes, Simple & Delicious!

About "The Invisible Chef":
"The Invisible Chef" was found by two passionate, talented moms over 10 years ago, initially featuring their Coffee & Tea Cakes. And today, they offer endless variety of baking mixes, ranging from Quick Breads, Pancake & Waffle Mixes, Muffins, Brownies, Scones, Cupcake Mixes, Ice-cream Sundae Kits to Bakewares! All of their baking products are inspired by personal experiences, while preparing unique and wholesome recipes for their own families, making "The Invisible Chef" the Best for You!

Personal Experience:
I was so excited to receive their baking mixes under 'Holiday' collection, which is just perfect, for holiday season! "The Invisible Chef" holiday collection includes five wonderful baking mixes that are too delicious to make your day special! Even the packing had that holiday feel, with colorful designs, snowflakes, jingle bells and stuff! I was surprised to see that there is nothing much, other than Eggs, Milk, Cream or Butter, that you need to start baking, Awesome!!

The list of baking mixes under 'Holiday' collection includes,

Let's Bake: 
My favorite was the Chocolate Peppermint Coffee & Tea Cake Mix, but i decided to try the Macaroon Chocolate Chip Blondie first, since that was also equally tempting! The Pack comes with the Blondie mix and the Glaze Mix!

Things you need!
  1. With The Invisible Chef Chocolate Chip Blondie Mix - 2 Eggs & 1/2 cup Butter! 
  2. With The Invisible Chef Chocolate Chip Glaze Mix - 1/8 cup of milk & 11/2 Tbsp of Butter!
Preparation Time -  Less than 10 minutes! I was slow but i did it within 5 mins!
Baking Time          -   Depends, it took 30 mins for my oven! (27 minutes to be exact)

All Set, Ready to Bake! Oh, wait let me snap a picture!

YUM! Tasting Time:
I was so impressed with the end product! It was perfectly baked, soft and very flavorful! It didn't stick to the tray and i was able to place it on cooling rack without cracks or breaks. The blondie had Macaroons and a lot - i mean LOT of chocolate chips and coconut flakes, it was so yummy by itself (i couldn't wait till i glaze it, lol).  Glaze mix was also very easy to prepare and together they made a easy, fabulous, tasty and so delicious dessert!

These baking mixes not only ease baking and save time but also have the same delightful taste as any home-made recipe! The Invisible Chef baking mixes are perfect to impress your friends in no time! I love how quick, easy & tasty these baking mixes are!

This is perfect for bachelors, busy moms, lazy cooks, come on, all of us deserve tasty treats now and then! So, these make wonderful holiday gifts to anyone, your friends and family who love baking! Check out other interesting baking mixes from "The Invisible Chef", HERE! 

Did you check out the varieties listed in "The Invisible Chef" site? Which is your favorite baking mix?

I received this product for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers! 


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Kb Odom
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I've always baked from scratch and I bake a lot during the holidays. Even though I've never used baking mixes I would give The Invisible Chef a try to save time and my sanity during the holidays. #productreviewparty

8:25 PM delete

Oh wow, these are all great but I am going to try and be good this year and stay away from the sweets! #ProductReviewParty

Lou Martin
11:56 AM delete

My plan is to cook holiday desserts this year. This gives me a great idea on what to make. Thanks for sharing these recipes! #ProductReviewParty

11:56 PM delete

Absolutely, they taste awesome and gets ready in minutes! Glad you liked it..

11:57 PM delete

Thanks for stopping by, i am glad you liked them! Good luck to you :)

11:59 PM delete

Thanks Lou, I am glad you found it useful.