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Who doesn't want to carry along, the luxury of home while traveling! I would love the comfort of my home when i am away, if not to the fullest, at-least in every possible way! One such wonderful thing that all of us deserve is a premium, soft and comfortable travel pillow. I am so thrilled to share my thoughts about the luxurious travel pillow from ENZO! Unlike any-other ordinary pillow, the Enzo travel pillow is velour, highly versatile and provides premium cooling gel lumbar support!

About Enzo Travel Pillow:
The Enzo memory pillow has premium memory foam with cooling gel and washable bright maroon velour cover. The A-grade cooling gel is highly absorbent preventing heat around the neck, reduces neck pain and muscle tension while traveling. The soft fluffy outer cover not only provides protection from the dust, but also offers excellent comfort because of it's silky textured surface. This super soft memory foam pillow folds down smaller than any average pillow & so it's very easy to fit in the storage bag provided!

My Experience:
I have always had nice travel pillows, but nothing like Enzo so far! This travel pillow is very soft, comes with a wonderful velvety pillow cover. The size of this pillow is quite larger than the ones i had earlier. This completely surrounds the neck and extends till the chin, providing optimum support. The pillow offers maximum lower neck support and also good cervical neck support. Button lock holds it in place. The memory foam inside comes with cooling gel, which can be felt very well while using the pillow. The cooling gel makes it much more comfortable and offers cushioning around neck!

The Enzo pillow is super soft, folds very well and fits perfectly into the Enzo carry bag. This restores its original size within a minute you take it out of the storage bag. This pillow is not just for travel, but is also ideal while at home, long drives in car, gaming or while binge watching! 

The pillow is not only super soft but also very thick and well designed. You get 100% comfort and also freedom to move your head easily without issues. The red velvety cover is washable. The opening is considerably wide, and i am sure it's easy to take the cover out of the pillow, to wash it and place it back again.

Overall, a wonderful travel pillow which is perfect to use even when you are at home or in office, or car. 
To Purchase, This pillow retails for $30 in Amazon, and is really a score! This makes perfect holiday gift, and sure to bring  a smile on anyone's face who travels often and also on gamer's who play till their neck hurts! 

ENZO donates 10% of all earnings in profit to raise awareness about GLOBAL WARMING by partnering up with World Wildlife Organization. All proceedings will go to its 'ADOPT A POLAR BEAR' program, saving polar bears from losing their natural habitat. Awesome, isn't!!

I love Enzo pillow's luxurious comfort & their 'Adopt a Polar Bear' Campaign! What do you like the most about them?! 

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers. 
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Gema Diaz
11:27 AM delete

I've been wanting one of those but I haven't been able to go grab one. I like the fact you can take out the lining to wash.

Kb Odom
8:14 PM delete

The Enzo travel pillow looks really comfortable. I would enjoy have one when we travel during the holidays.

Lou Martin
11:58 AM delete

I need this when I fly to Vegas in January. I slept without a travel pillow before and my neck was all cramped up. #ProductReviewParty