RAWR Bars - A Perfect & Tasty Version of Veggie-Powered Super Snacks!

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Are you looking for options to get the daily dosage of veggies and fruits for you or your kids in a much easier and simpler way? This post is for you! In this fast world, it's often tough for us to make sure that we eat healthy. It's also not easy to provide kids with all the nutrients they need, without forcing them to eat healthy stuff including veggies. In RAWR Bars, they have made it easy for us, by offering veggie and fruit bars that are all-natural, healthy, vegan and gluten-free! These are the perfect VEGGIE snacks that you could ever give your kids.

RAWR Bars:
Rawr Bars, are crave-able super snacks that are packed with healthy veggies, nutritious fruits, and vibrant flavors! At RAWR Bars, they have an ultimate goal to create an on-the-go snack that is easy for us to grab and not have to worry about our health. They use fruits and veggies in RAWR Bars, to ensure that these bars offer up-to 1 1/2 servings of veggies & up-to 1/2 serving of fruit. These are also vegan, sugar-free and preservative-free. 

My Experience:
I was offered their three different flavored veggie bars, that were all very new & interesting. These bars are not solid bars, but more like a thin slab of dried puree of veggies and fruits. We have a lot of junk food to choose from, but snacks like RAWR bars are very rare, but truly perfect to stay healthy and eat guilt-free. RAWR Bars comes in varieties, like Super Sweet Potato, Beet-A-Peel and Very Berry Kale.

Super Sweet Potato - This is the original Rawr Bar, high in Vitamin A, this flavor is the perfect balance between sweet and tart with an added touch of cinnamon to spice it up!
I liked this bar a lot, the taste was flavorful, rich but not too strong & just right for my palettes. I was able to taste the sweetness of potatoes and the spiciness of cinnamon. 

Beet-A-Peel - This digs deep into the earth to provide an enticing blend of nutritious beets and zesty oranges. Packed with iron and potassium, this super-food is sure to provide you with your daily nutrients.
This one is my favorite, i liked the perfect blend of beets with orange and i loved the taste. The color was also very catchy. The taste is very unique and you can finish a full bar at once. The beet flavor is neat and comes with a zest of orange flavor.

Very Berry Kale - By popular demand, Very Berry Kale is the newest and greenest flavor yet! Blending kale’s leafy greens with sweet strawberries provides the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to fuel your day!
I am not a big fan of kale, so this was OK for me. The greens are powerful source of nutrients and i rarely prepare green smoothies, so this could be a great alternative for people like me, to get all the benefits of greens.

To Purchase:
These are perfect to-go-snacks, easy way to sneak veggies in your kid's diet! These bars are not only healthy but also delicious. To purchase these flavorful RAWR Bars, head over HERE

Have you ever tasted these bars? What are your thoughts on these delicious RAWR Bars?!