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Did i tell you, i was in a strict fitness regime years ago and i have used almost all fitness trackers by then. I had some issues and gradually went lenient on my routine. However, i always have the same interest towards fitness & being active. I love wearing trackers like accessories, as they keep me on track and push me do my best without making active lifestyle, a burden. I can't wait to share my experience with BellaBeat LEAF! To be frank, i have never been this excited for a tracker! This is probably the BEST looking tracker so far. Any girl is sure to fall in love with BellaBeat LEAF, the moment she has it in her hands! Gorgeous looking fitness accessory paired with delicious healthy FitSnack subscription, seriously, your fitness routine couldn't get any more exciting than this!

BellaBeat LEAF is a smart, attractive fitness tracker which looks more like a stylish accessory. It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or a clip. BellaBeat LEAF syncs with the app and all of your data is transferred wirelessly. It is the most advanced health tracker designed for women, with LEAF you can  
  • Monitor sleep pattern
  • Track your activity
  • Analyze your breathing to reduce stress
  • Log your period 
  • Set Alerts (Wake-up alerts, Inactive-alerts, Reminders)

The LEAF also vibrates to reminds us to be more active or to reduce the intensity of workouts based on our pre-set preferences. This Silver LEAF is crafted using elegant and recyclable American ash-wood in a neutral beige color combined with hypoallergenic stainless steel. I would give 5 stars, in fact even more, for the stylish, elegant, attractively prominent BellaBeat LEAF design! 

Unlike some other devices i have used, LEAF doesn't have to be charged often. The LEAF operates on a removable coin cell battery that can easily be replaced when it is exhausted. The battery life is approximately 6 months. I have had it more than a month now, and i am happy with the overall performance of the LEAF, let's get in depth with the details!

LEAF App: The App syncs with LEAF via bluetooth, with a double tap on device. There are frequent updates and the LEAF app keeps getting better with each iteration. I wish they make the chart even more readable by providing exact time details as we hover on the chart. It's great that even if you miss to sync everyday, the LEAF can gather and store the data for up to 14 days!

Day -Time Tracking: The first best thing i am always interested in knowing is my over-all physical activities during day. BellaBeat LEAF counts your step and logs your overall physical activity in terms of calories, miles & steps, it records your active-time & idle-time. You can also log physical activities manually, which is cool in case you forget to carry LEAF with you. I am impressed by its tracking performance, which was fairly accurate as i manually checked the time to sure if it's tracking right. I am not sure about the calorie count, but the steps and the active & idle time calculation looks accurate.

As the days are getting colder, body's metabolism may slow down, resulting in few extra pounds. With BellaBeat LEAF you can consciously stay active by setting alerts to warn you for being inactive for too long, alerts to remind you drink more water, etc.,

Sleep Tracking: Seriously, i am impressed by the way BellaBeat LEAF records the sleep pattern. There are days when i woke up in middle of sleep and was awake for a while. When i sync LEAF the next day, it feels cool to see that particular awake time (in-between sleep) recorded right in the app. I wish there are ways to see the time in LEAF app, so that you know when exactly, you were in deep-sleep, light and disturbed sleep respectively.

Breathing: There are different levels of built-in breathing exercises inside the LEAF app to help you relax, focus and relieve everyday stress. I haven't seen breathing exercise as a special feature in devices before, so it's nice using feature to ease yourself and stay away from stress. For this, BellaBeat LEAF has to be placed as a clip on the waistband to measure the abdominal movements while breathing. I am not so patient, and tried this only few times so far, but i definitely feel bit relaxed whenever i do the breathing exercise.

Women's Health: The LEAF app can also help with understanding the overall reproductive health through ovulation, period, and contraception tracking. It gives a detailed overview of the menstrual cycle and helps in identifying ovulation days and thus increase the chances of successful conception. We have to feed the initial data and the app calculates, forecasts upcoming monthly cycles, fertility period and stuff. This is definitely a thoughtful addition to women specific fitness tracker. 

Ease of Use:
LEAF is very light, but on seeing the thickness, initially i thought it would be a hurdle to use it as necklace. However i did use ONLY the necklace for weeks, even while sleeping. And to my surprise, i never felt any kind of hindrance because of the device, anytime of the day. The necklace went well with almost all of my outfits, and in-fact LEAF was complimenting my attires. I personally love the bold and appealing look of BellaBeat LEAF!

The LEAF bracelet, of-course is a little bit time taking until you get used to it, but hey, that's how LEAF looks different from a usual wrist watch, right?! Initially, i did feel the lengthy strap as issue, but it didn't take me long to understand the beauty of the strap design, that makes LEAF so stylish, unique & stand out from the rest! I have the black strap, which is cool with the silver LEAF. But, I can't wait for the availability of other wrist band, in-fact i would be one of the first to buy that! I did use LEAF occasionally clipped on my tops, which is fairly easy and simple.

Personally, i prefer & LOVE using my Silver LEAF as a bracelet! (I also enjoy wearing it as necklace, while i wait to shop my favorite, matching bracelet!). As any delicate electronic devices, LEAF is not water-resistant or water-proof!

Overall, a very stylish, efficient, revolutionary fitness tracker that every girl would love to own! I am sure this would definitely be the best christmas gift to surprise someone you love and help them stay FIT! Check out HERE to know a lot more about BellaBeat LEAF!

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Kristin C
8:27 AM delete

That is so cool! It's crazy how those things are evolving. Going from a chunky, black, plastic blob to that pretty leaf is definitely progress!

2:59 PM delete

This is really interesting. I definitely need something to track my sleep patterns. Something that I love about this particular device is that it looks kind of chic and not a super big weird piece.

Lou Martin
9:24 AM delete

I have never used any trackers before. This one sounds really interesting. #ProductReviewParty

5:33 PM delete

I've never seen a fitness quite like this before! I love that it truly does track a lot of different things regarding your health and fitness. I am loving the look and style of this tracker. No would even guess what it was.

Stacie B.
9:27 AM delete

Now this is super innovative! What will they think of next?! #productreviewparty

7:16 PM delete

OOh that is very cool. I love that you can wear it as a necklace too. I love this idea! #ProductReviewParty

12:48 AM delete

Wow! Something like this will help me understand my sleep pattern. I might be able to make small changes to get a good night sleep.

10:24 PM delete

This looks awesome! I have tried fitness trackers in the past, but I hate how they look. But this one is gorgeous. :)