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Time flies! I couldn't believe 2015 is over and just few more days left for a brand new year. Apart from being a chance to start fresh, new year is often the time we get more optimistic and set new goals. Whether it be a fitness goal or a long-term personal or professional goal or small things like being punctual, getting organized, it's time to come up with real goals to keep up the new-year spirit! Taking about simple goals, snacking healthy, being physically active are my two ultimate goals this year. These are rely challenging, because i know how easy it is to get bonded to a place browsing, binge-watching and fall for that delicious treat sitting next to you. However, this time, equipped with BellaBeat LEAF to keep me motivated & FITSNACK to help me snack wise & stay fit, i am much more confident than ever before!

Fit Snack monthly subscription box offers about 7-10 carefully curated snack items, generally worth over $30. At Fit Snack, they value variety and focus on ensuring each product included in the box fall under, at-least two or more of these categories - GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural. Also, 90% of the Fit Snack boxes are Gluten-Free. Not just that, you also get cool bonus items such as energy boosters, nutritional supplements, or refreshing beverages.

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This is my second box with FitSnack. To check-out the delicious goodies i got in my first box, click HERE! I am so happy that FitSnack keeps exceeding my expectations every-month. This box had some of my favorite products too! Here is the list of all that's included in the box!

Manitoba Harvest Protein - Water-soluble, plant-based hemp protein powder, perfect protein-rich on-the-go beverage, quite excited to try this one with my smoothies. Two single serving sachets are included, vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Enerchi Bites - I got the Apple Cinnamon bites. Wow, these are so delicious and i was able to taste chia-seeds, apples, sunflower seeds and cinnamon in every bite. Definitely a great addition to this box. These bites are so delicious, that they got over in minutes after opening!

Tosi Cashew Super Bites - This is one of my favorites, very tasty and rich. I love sesame seeds and this one tasted SO good, a perfect combo of cashews, chia, flax and sesame seeds. Obviously, we loved it so much that it doesn't last for long. This one was actually a substitute of clif bar you see in the above list, actually i am glad i tried these super bites!

Detour Smart Bar - Gluten-free Oatmeal bar, with chunks of coconut, almond and a delicious drizzle of yogurt. This is rich in fiber and low in sugar. I have had these in the past and i like them, and prefer to have while on-the-go.

Next by Nature - Dark chocolate covered Goji berries. I was so excited on seeing this, because i love the snack varieties they have at Next by Nature and i had Goji Berries in my yet-to-try list. This is so perfect and oh, if you wonder, here is my POST about NextByNature's other delicious dark chocolate covered snack varieties! Don't miss the dark chocolate covered Quinoa & Espresso Beans!

Fuel 100 Electro Bites - These replace calories and electrolytes, and are very unique in flavor and texture. I got the Apple Cinnamon flavor and i felt these are kind of salty, but tasted very interestingly unique. Very flavorful, that you can have only one at a time.

Salad Power Vegetable Drink - Drinkable salad!! Is there a better way to get the goodness of all your veggies?! This is a superfood veggie salad blend, including a bunch of veggies like carrot, kale, cucumber, tomato, spinach, bell pepper.

Four Points Nutrition Bar - Very delicious, all-natural whole-food nutrition bar. I got the dark-chocolate coconut variety, with cashews, dried figs, dried plums, cocoa and a irresistible taste! 10g protein per bar, that's awesome!

Ground 2 Table Spices - This is so thoughtful, i love the idea of adding these flavor-rich spices in a snack box! These organic spice blends are sure to make my cooking more interesting and flavorful. Of-course, there was a slip listing out the name and details, about these numbered spice blends.

Overall, a perfect curation of wide variety of products put together in a thoughtful manner! Fit Snack monthly subscription starts at $24/month and their subscription is highly flexible, meaning you can pre-pay or pause your subscription anytime.

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What are your thoughts on FitSnack Subscription. Did you use the 50% off holiday offer?

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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I've always wanted to try one of these healthy snack boxes! I am obsessed with subscription boxes! :)

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Subscription boxes are the best! Especially when they're healthy. I'll be sharing this with a few of my friends and family since they're always looking for healthier alternatives to snacks.

Tamra Phelps
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I could use this! I'm diabetic & trying to drop some pounds, so this interests me. Those Cashew super bites sound great!

Hannah Chase
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These look like really healthy and yummy snacks and I would definitely give this subscription a try!

Ramiz Shaikh
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