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I love gifts that are more meaningful and the ones that kindle my good memories. Perfumes are the best, when it comes to holiday presents, and who wouldn't love perfumes that smell fantastic?! It's almost like a tradition in our family to surprise each other with our favorite scents & fragrance gift sets, along with other holiday presents. It looks like with perfumes, you not only get a chance to show your love but also be there to lift up their mood all day long! This year i got introduced to a wonderful brand called Inklings Scents, where the scents are made with 100% essential oils & fragrances, with absolutely zero alcohol & other harsh chemicals, which means these are perfect even to people who are health-conscious or suffer from allergies and sensitivities.

Inklings Scents offers fragrances that are pure, simple, clear and sophisticated. Their scents are hand-crafted, made with 100% pure fragrances and essential oils and are suitable even to people you usually avoid perfumes due to skin sensitivities. Inkling Scents offer women's, men's and also unisex fragrances, making them perfect one-spot solution for your different preferences. As these are alcohol-free, the scents doesn't evaporate fast and so the wonderful fragrance lasts much longer!

The Inkling Scents Shop looks extra-ordinary, luxurious and extremely stylish. I was overwhelmed by the choices they have and being a huge fragrance-addict, i like them all. Two things that i can't stop thinking about are the His and Hers flask set, and the interesting Hand-Cut Book Safe, don't you love them too?! I wish i could buy them all in one-shot, hehee!! Let's get in detail about the quality of their fragrances, i received the Sultry fragrance from Women's collection & the Raffish from Men's collection!

Inkling Roll-ons are just Mind-blowing. I am totally impressed with the Sultry scent and the exciting part, my husband, who is hard to shop for, absolutely loves the Raffish Scent. Both of us are still excited about the long-lasting nature of these scents and how divinely they smell. In-fact i tried the men's perfume too, just to see how it smells and i was stunned by the difference i was able to spot between these two scents.

Sultry- This scent is clear, very rich and deep. It feels like rich woody, sultry, perfect blend that any girl would love. The base note is creamy sandalwood and white amber, the middle is lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top note is silky vanilla.
Retail Value: Full size Roll-on glass bottle 1/3 oz - $25 

Raffish - This scent is very bold, rich, and bit complex yet irresistible. This blend includes deep notes of wormwood, bergamot and cardamom, but is lightened by lavender and orange blossom. I can assure you, this scent is incredibly perfect for Men. In-fact, I love Raffish scent equally or say, more than the Sultry scent. I guess that's the goal of this scent!
Retail Value: Mini Roll-on bottle 1/6 fl oz - $15.00

Personally, i think the prices are very reasonable for the matchless and amazing perfumes they offer. The scents are very rich and with one swipe, you are good to go. These roll-ons are sure to last for a while and i don't see any-other perfect way to carry your favorite scents with you, while on-the go. The roll-ons can be thrown in your hand-bag, travel-gear or where-ever you would like to! There are also a huge variety of gift options available including fragrance infused greeting cards, you can check Inkling Scents Shop, HERE.

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Have you ever tried Inklings Scents? What are your thoughts about these alcohol-free fragrances?!

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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I've never heard of Inkling before, but I really want to try it now!

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I never heard of inkling before either so thank you for the introduction. The sound of the Raffish scent seems like something I'd be drawn to if my boyfriend were wearing it (lol). I like scents like these because you are less likely to have someone wearing the perfume as you.

Hannah Chase
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I've never heard of Inkling Scents before now. They look really great. I like that they're alcohol free.