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It's time for one more Sweet talk! By now, you must have known that i adore honey for it's unparalleled goodness. Honey is by far one of the BEST gifts from nature and I enjoy have it almost everyday. While we sit and praise the goodness of honey, our friends at Tu-Bees have already gone a step ahead to offer us flavored honey varieties with a wonderful taste twist! That's right, at Tu-Bees they play around honey, making it much better and more versatile. If you are like me, trying to fit honey in anything and everything you have, Tu-Bees gourmet honey varieties are your best bet! With Tu-Bees Squeezable Honey tubes, you can keep tasting different gourmet honey flavors, and never get bored.

Tu-Bees is a family-owned business, launched in 2007. At Tu-Bees they take extreme pride in delivering natural gourmet honey, from the Southern part of Saskatchewan. The honey varieties at Tu-Bees are all natural and their Squeezable Tubes are all BPA & Phthalate free. Their exotic honey flavor include chocolate, ginger, maple, black cherry & coconut.

When i heard about Tu-Bees i was so excited because this would be my first time to try flavored gourmet honey varieties. Even more interesting is that these come in squeezable tubes, what! I received almost all their gourmet varieties. The squeezable tubes made it easy to handle, carry along and taste them anywhere, anytime. I was thrilled to feel the unique, delicious hint of each and every flavor, without disturbing the natural taste of honey.

Honestly, i was planning to classify the flavors on how much i like them according to my own preferences. But after trying them for few weeks now, I realized that i won't be able to do that, because i LOVE them all. Seriously, i am not at all exaggerating, each and every flavor is unique, different and they taste SO wonderful, especially the Maple, Chocolate, Cinnamon & Raspberry are worth to die for. These tubes are so so rich, delicious and the flavors blend in very well, with honey's natural texture & flavor.

Ginger - is the first one i tried, not because i prefer ginger, but i wanted to keep my favorite flavors for last. Ginger usually overpowers when combined with other items. But to my surprise it was very mild and totally different from what i was expecting & now is one of my new favorites!

Raspberry - Very rich in flavor, delicious in taste, more on the tarty raspberry side, infused with the sweetness of honey. I won't miss my raspberries anymore & these make my morning berry smoothies even more delicious & healthy.
Maple - wow! I totally love this one. Absolutely delicious, very rich flavored and SO good that you can have it all, just by itself, without any pairing. I have always had a special love for maple, whether it's the leaf, the bonsai, the wood or the maple syrup, i love them all and when i saw this honey i couldn't be more happy!

Cinnamon - Made with Canadian Honey and freshly ground cinnamon, Has a neat taste, perfect blend of sweet honey and spicy cinnamon. Even better, these are also gluten-free, dairy, egg and nut-free. Again one of my favorites! I love it with toast and buns, it looks like cinnamon rolls can be made in seconds here-on. You may even love this more than the traditional cinnamon rolls, very easy, healthy & delicious!

Pumpkin Spice - Holidays are never complete without pumpkin spice recipes and this flavored honey is a sweet combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, making it perfect for baking, and how-about a honey sweetened pumpkin spice latte at home?!

Lemon made with 100% Canadian Honey, and natural Lemon Essential Oils. This is a perfect blend of honey sweetness and the sourness of lemon. I personally felt the flavor is bit strong by itself, however would be perfect while baking pies or with teas.

Saskatoon Berry is also amazing, excellent on toasts and on crackers. This is made with 100% Canadian Honey and Natural Saskatoon Berry Flavoring. It is gluten-free, nut-free, wheat and dairy free. I love it's color and the deliciousness.

Black Cherry - isn't the name so tempting? This one is much creamy and more on the fruity side, because of the delicious combination of honey and Black Cherries.
Chocolate - I don't have any preferences when it comes to chocolate & being a huge honey fan, i couldn't ask for more. These are perfect to use in baking, but i love it straight from the tube. It's more like a snack by itself. You gotta taste this to know how delicious this really is!
Coconut - I have never heard of coconut flavored honey before. This is very smooth, delicious and reminds me of coconut honey cookies. I love adding it on top of oats or home-made granola to make it richer.

With NewYear, there comes a fresh, new start, and it's time to motivate yourself and take those little extra steps towards your overall health & fitness! Add a squeeze of your favorite Tu-Bees Honey in a glass of warm water and mix well. Drink it in empty stomach everyday, early in the morning!

Follow this Simple, yet Powerful Trick to reach your fitness/weight-loss goal faster! This routine helps you to detox your system, improve your overall immunity, boosts your energy level, keeps you much active the whole day! I love starting my way this way and i keep switching between lemon, cinnamon & ginger honey!

The assorted set of Tu-Bees Honey varieties could be the perfect holiday gift to motivate yourself or your friends and family. Click HERE, to check out their various other products. 

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oh my gosh! These sound so yummy! I need to try them all!

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Reading all of the different flavors my mind is think of dishes and desserts to make using these flavored honey tubes. That Ginger sounds like it would be great as a glaze for prawns. The lemon might be good for a sweet lemon-herb chicken. Mmmm!