5 Surprisingly Easy Ideas To Become A Better YOU! #GoInspire

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With all these crazy, ''in your dream'' level of changes happening around me, here starts the  inspiring #GoInspire series. With this, you could expect encouraging and motivating thoughts to light up your Inner Self. These are simple and honest feelings about things in life, straight from my heart to your eyes. Life is a wonderful gift and everyone is busy showing it off, no one actually cares to check what the gift is all about. Start to focus on making your life happier, make everyday a CELEBRATION for no reason! You can’t be happy unless you decide, to be. Happiness starts from within and stop looking for it anywhere outside you. The moment you decide to be happy, you are one step close to the world of happiness. Sometimes, we tend to forget all those tiny little things that together make us meaningful, in the first place. Consider these simple shortcuts and start being kind to yourself & ultimately bring out the BEST in YOU!

There is NO EXCUSE for this. Tell yourself that you deserve to be happy! Don’t ever go rude on yourself. Remember “you are special” and show some love to you and your feelings. It's not a one-day task but a time-taking conscious everyday effort. Engage in things that makes you happy. Take little steps, towards a better YOU.
  1. Wake up with a smile! 
  2. Enjoy life’s simple things, say, your morning coffee!
  3. Fast-forward your day, plan well ahead!
  4. Dress up, eat healthy, talk to yourself, stay positive!
Believe that you are here for a reason, and so are the people around you. Show love and be grateful for all that life has given you. Never compare or complain, instead embrace and be even more grateful. Kindness is the best gift you can give to anyone, amidst of anything. Take chances and try something new whenever possible. The freedom you give yourself could make you happy and that's how you start discovering, start believing your own strengths. Again believe that you are here for a reason and that reason could be LOVE!

Sometimes it is best to let go off things to stay in peace, than to break and fall apart. It takes great will-power and confidence to free up your not-so-good memories and start to hope life again. But it is definitely possible.

Start seeing things from the “other” perspective that you would never imagine to see. Then, you will be grateful for the less damage caused. Do yourself a favor by making an attempt to spot joy in every moment of life. Life will be easier this way and you get happier day by day.

You may wonder how spending time alone makes one happier? But, there is no better teacher than your true inner voice. You understand what exactly are your needs, wishes, guilts, strengths and weaknesses when you start interacting with yourself.

When you enjoy your own company, probably others would also love to. Talk to yourself, sing, dance, cook your favorite meal, rewind your good memories, get nostalgic, do whatever interests you, be alone with yourself!

This is as good as spending time alone but the opposite! Get out, visit places, try new food, socialize, be ready for adventures. Keep your mind open and encounter new things, you never even knew existed. Take small breaks from your routine work and surprise yourself by taking up sudden unplanned trips with your close ones.

Enjoy what nature has given us. Indulge in outdoor thrills like camping, hiking, geo-caching, wild-life safari, etc., When you meet new people, see new places, taste new food, hear new sounds, you forget your old hurdles. Exploring nature brings out the best in you and keeps you happier than ever!

I would be glad if at-least one of these ideas helps you to become a better you!

What are the shortcuts you follow to make your day happier?!


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Hannah Chase
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This is some great advice. I definitely really need to work on feeling good about myself.