Food To Live - Simple, Guilt-free, Delicious Last-minute New Year Treat! #NoCook

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Happy New Year Everyone! Yay! It's already 2016 in some parts of the world!! I wanted to sign-off with a literally delicious & guilt-free post! You guessed it right, this time i am sharing a simple, healthy, delicious, no-cook chocolate-treat, you could enjoy in-spite of your new-year fitness goals. I am HUGE fan of dried fruits, nuts & chocolate! I love to stock up on healthy snack options and sometimes I make my own ones too! Equipped with Food to Live, i am all set to prepare Dr.oz inspired, delicious macadamia-nut chocolate truffles! New to Food to Live? They are my new favorites, to avail finest varieties of raw, organic foods like tasty nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices and legumes! Super foods like Cocoa, Dates & Macadamia Nuts are nutritionally dense and play a major role in ensuring healthier life.

At Food to Live, they strongly believe that food is more than a source of nutrition, it’s the key to our overall health & wellness. They offer a wide variety of organic super foods that are perfect for anyone who loves to snack healthy! Food To Live strives to bring the high quality and best tasting organic products from various parts of the world. Their online stores include huge variety of organic super foods including spices, legumes, dates, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Some of their interesting organic super foods include goji berries, flax seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts. Click HERE, to see my review on Food To Live organic cashews!

I have heard a lot about macadamia nuts and their benefits. In-fact i have a collection of recipes focusing only these rich, buttery, flavorful macadamia nuts. These are one of the super foods which endless health benefits. Macadamia nuts, also known as bush nuts, are among the most delicious nuts, favored for their sweet and buttery taste. These are rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, magnesium, manganese and healthy monounsaturated fats and much more. These macadamia nuts are helpful in assisting brain functioning, reduces the chance of heart disease, improves digestion, etc.,

Since these nuts are so rich and buttery, it can't be eaten as such, like walnuts or almonds. Macadamia nuts are very familiar in baking, and check out this no-cook recipe using some of the best superfoods like dates, cocoa and macadamia nuts. Source - Dr.Oz

Macadamia-nut Chocolate Truffles!
Probably, this would be the fastest, simplest, yet delicious & healthy treat you could ever prepare using these nuts.

  • 1/2 cup whole macadamia
  • 2 tbsp macadamia nut butter (optional)
  • 1/4 cup organic dates
  • 1/4 cup cacao powder (i used unsweetened)
  • Pinch of sea salt!

Add all ingredients listed above in a food processor and pulse together until everything gets blended smoothly. Divide the dough into equal portions and roll into balls using hands. Place it in the fridge for, about 30 minutes to 1 hour & Serve!

Simplest chocolate treat ever, right! Since these are high quality & Organic, the nuts were very rich and extremely buttery making these truffles even more tasty. Click HERE to check out Food To Live Online store! 

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What are your thoughts on this super-easy recipe? Have you ever tried any recipes with Macadamia nuts before? 

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.


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I LOVE macadamia nuts! They're delicious. That recipe looks super easy too! Not to mention how healthy it looks. I'm okay with healthy looking chocolate treats!

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Thanks Heather! They are indeed healthy, delicious, and just approx. 70 calories per truffle. :)

Hannah Chase
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I really love nuts and these look really delicious and fresh!