Gwen Stefani: This Is What the Truth Feels Like! #GwenO2O

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Music is one-thing, that's sure to boost me up instantly, anytime, no matter what. I love music of all types, especially the ones that are catchy, entertaining and emotional with meaningful lyrics. If a sing lifts me up, makes me hum it all-day long, i would even listen it a hundred more times! The music lover in Me, couldn't be more excited when I was offered the whole collection of Gwen Stefani‘s latest solo album, "This is What The Truth Feels Like". Personally, i love most of the tracks just for the beats, however they also have very intense lyrics which expresses much more about love, relationship, related emotions and loss. "This Is What the Truth Feels Like", is Gwen's first solo album in almost a decade now, and every single track in this album sounds unique, extraordinary lyrics! You don't have to listen the whole album to agree with me, just listen "Misery" & you will be hooked.

"This Is What the Truth Feels Like", roots more around her personal and the album has an emotional touch, which highlights Gwen’s songwriting and impassioned themes of love and loss. This album is Gwen’s third solo effort, and definitely worth listening to. I already have few of my favorites and couldn't stop listening to those. They are sure to grab your attention even if you are multi-tasking, and that's definitely a WIN for the artists involved.

Some of the tracks I rely enjoy listening are "You’re My Favorite" (Been there, Done there!!),  "Make Me Like You (Hey, wait a minute!)", "Me Without Me" (Hey Watch this!) & of-course, Misery! . To be honest, I like every single track in this album and there is not even one song, that I could skip. Again everyone's preference differ and I am sure this album has a handful of beautiful tracks that reflects all their efforts & is sure to steal hearts of her fans! 

"This is What The Truth Feels Like" got released on March 18, and the album is now available for purchase on iTunes and Target. The Gwen Stefani site also has limited availability of special bundles for purchase, click HERE.

At Target Stores, you get four bonus tracks & this special cover!

Disclaimer: I participated in this sponsored album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided the album to review, but all opinions are my own.