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"Good Shoes Take You Good Places". Shoes are much more than just a fashion statement, they reflect your style, lift up your confidence and transform your attitude. A pair of shoes that looks great, fits well and feels comfortable - is every girl's dream. When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, Quality, Style and overall Comfort are the three criteria I look for. It's not as simple as it sounds. Finding Shoes and Sandals that are not just trendy, but also extremely comfortable and long-lasting may be a challenge for some of you. Not Anymore! Let me introduce you to my latest favorite - San Antonio Shoemakers! Shortly known as SAS, they have been in business since the 1970s and even today, the company makes the majority of handcrafted shoes with the very best materials available, right here in San Antonio, Texas. SAS makes shoes from their own shoe forms, so all their products are well-known for an unparalleled fit, extreme comfort & stylish look!

Overwhelmed by the comfort & quality of their sandals, I went to SAS website to learn more about the brand and their products. I was even more fascinated after exploring the history of SAS. Started by two friends in the 1970s, the family-owned company takes extreme pride in offering the world's most comfortable, hand-crafted shoes made out of the highest quality materials. With the brand's focus on Quality and Craftsmanship, they have also partnered with an Italian company to design and manufacture their limited edition line of elegant dress shoes for women. SAS offers a wide variety of shoes for both Men & Women, and all of their shoes are designed with an innovative comfort system for all-day wear.

One of their latest styles, that I love is the Women's Marina Sandals. Not only does it look so good, but also feels extremely comfortable. I have had it on for a whole weekend and was walking almost all the time. The multi-layered insole of these Sandals, provide superior comfort and cushion the pressure points of our foot. This also has Broad, Contoured Comfort Footbed - so that the natural arches and curves of our foot are cradled in the sandal. The multi-layered comfort also results in extra-shock absorbing qualities, making it perfect for everyday usage. These sandals felt light like air, and was very comfortable and the fit was remarkably good, from the first time I ever tried them on.

These Marina Sandals look stylish and are also versatile. They could go well with both modern attires and everyday casual ones. I have never tried this brand before and I had no expectations, and I must say these sandals exceeded my expectations in comfort & SAS brand in terms of overall quality. Most of their designs are hand-crafted here in the U.S.A. and they also have a wide variety of premium Italian shoes for women. I have already explored all of their stylish designs and can't wait to try on those styles too!

It was a beautiful evening and since we are new to this place, we decided to explore downtown for a while. The weather was perfect, and the locality was amazing, all the endless talks and long relaxing walks finally came to an end with a delicious ice-cream treat. I was so impressed by the level of comfort these sandals offered me, the whole day. In spite of the long walk, shopping and standing, I never felt a thing on my legs. In-fact I felt much more comfortable in these sandals, than ever before. We did sit by the riverside for a while, to relax and unwind. I was reminded that these sandals are new only when i saw them while relaxing; Other wise these are just perfect; one of the best pair of sandals I have ever owned!

This sandal is one of their colorful spring-ready comforts, and after experiencing the luxurious comfort of these sandals, I couldn't agree more.  You can head over HERE, to know more about the SAS history & their other amazing products. To check out more on the Blue Marina featured, click HERE and you can take a look at SAS collections HERE!

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