Tinsel Box - Celebrations Delivered! Get Creative & Crafty In No-Time!

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Life's prettiest things become priceless only because of your personal touch and never because of how expensive they are. Being crafty is a gift, but all of us could get that, the moment we decide to bring out our creative sides. Though time is the only requirement to start being crafty, holidays and seasonal celebrations are perfect timings to kindle your initial creativity. Every-time i do something crafty like a home decor or a tiny painting, i feel so accomplished and happy. But, I always need a kickstart for everything and getting a set of holiday or seasonal fun-filled treasures to keep me motivated, would be a dream. With Tinsel Box monthly subscription, we could now avail a set of hand-curated, holiday or seasonal items that are not only cute, but also creative & crafty, to help you turn ON your creative side. I was so excited to try Tinsel Box for the first time, and i must say, this subscription is by-far your best bet, to sit down, de-stress, get creative & rock your holidays!

The Signature Tinsel-box with unique, hand-curated holiday decor and activities costs just 19.99/month. Bigger the box, better the fun! You agree? Then go ahead & subscribe The Specialty XL Tinsel-box which includes even more of their unique, interesting holiday decor and activities for just 39.99/month. Click HERE to subscribe the box of your choice! 

Now that you know Tinsel Box brings you handful of seasonal and holiday-themed goodies, you must have also guessed this month's theme. You are right! It's a Easter Special Tinsel Box & every-thing included is Easter oriented. I must say, Tinsel Box is perfect for kids of all ages, You & Me included. I can't wait to show you what's the excitement is all about!!

Egg Decorating Kit:
Egg-decorating kit is like a Easter must-have essential and it's so thoughtful to add one to this Easter special box. This decorating kit focuses on simple but elegant egg-decorating ideas. The kit includes some interesting elements including pre-cut bunny stickers, rubber bands, egg dipper/holder, a black sharpie & dyes for extra traditional fun. This time, I am planning to try the stylish black and white Silhouette eggs. 

Also included is a Pen-touch Calligraphy - oil-based metallic paint marker in Gold, which is perfect to create Gold Metallic eggs. Yay, can't wait to try these too!

There is also a instruction booklet which explains everything about this decorating kit and creative ways to use them. This booklet includes some easy and wonderful ideas to color your eggs, with/without dyes. You can also check the TinselBox Blog HERE, for more inspirational tips. I highly recommend you checking their blog, make sure you have a lot of time, because they have a lot of cool ideas!

Marshmallow Peeps: 
No Easter would be complete without peeps, right? I look forward to try these yummy treats, however I think Peeps are so colorful & too cute to eat, lol. I really like their idea of adding in one-more Easter essential into the box. Look at the cuties!!

Vintage Easter Cards:
This vintage-easter card is beautiful and looks so nostalgic. You could send this card to an old friend or write sweet notes to kids on Easter. I plan on incorporating it as a part of my Easter decor, the more the colorful eggs, more the merrier! 

Bunny Tea Towel:
I kept the best for last. This easter-inspired kitchen towel is very colorful, featuring a beautiful bunny and just the right one you could ever find for Easter. I adore the design and love the fact that it's cotton. Isn't it gorgeous? 

What are you waiting for? Personally, I love this subscription and every single item included in this Easter-themed Tinsel box. One more cool thing, subscribers are always informed about the upcoming theme in advance, that way you could skip a month if you don't celebrate the holiday. As said earlier, I see Tinsel Box as a effective way to de-stress, so I think it's more meaningful to get the box even if you don't celebrate & have fun at home!

To Subscribe, click HERE. Stay connected with TinselBox on Facebook & Instagram to know more about their latest updates & product promotions.

I would say Tinsel Box is Brilliant!  What do you think of this subscription??  

I received this product(s) for a discounted price/free of charge, in exchange of my honest opinion. Nevertheless, I personally use, review the product and recommend only those i believe will be good for my readers.