Credit Cards & Mobile Payments: What Your Business Got To Know for Now! #tips

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Could you imagine this world without payment cards - no more debit or credit cards! Would you be okay to leave your smartphone behind when you start to work? I definitely need them in my hands all the time and I use it for so many things, not just for calling and texting anymore. These days, we don't even have to worry about our wallets, thanks to smart phones & mobile wallets! With such vast increase of smart phone usage, whole lot of things have changed in the "world of credit cards". Mobile payments have become one of the main choices for shoppers. In fact, in 2015 alone, consumers used mobile payments for approximately $214 billion! Despite the progressing use of mobile payments, corporations, small-business owners and consumers are not entirely prepared for the transition to primarily using mobile payments. To help educate this novel payment method, I wanted to share this informative, visual resource from Rutgers University, that discusses what businesses and consumers should know as they transition to mobile payments. 

There is no denying that credit cards have taken the country by storm within the last few decades. Most people have a credit or debit card, and many businesses accept a credit or debit card as payment.  Here is the infographic created by Rutgers University, to let you know what your business needs to know for now and the near future.

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Source :  Rutgers University