Big Chill - Evolution of Refrigerators Through the Decades! #retrostyle

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"Whenever I feel sad or bored, I go to my happy place - The Fridge!"
I read this quote somewhere and I swear, I live by that. There hasn't been a single day where I didn't open the magical door of my fridge. I am sure that's the case with most of us. If you’ve ever been without power in your house, you must have known how suddenly keeping the food cold, in the refrigerator becomes a necessity. Can you even imagine living in the time before refrigerators? The first ever refrigerator arrived on the domestic scene in the 1920s, and within two decades after that, 85% of American households owned a refrigerator. Today, refrigerators are indispensable in every household and almost all of our day-to-day food storage & safe-food consumption depends on this beloved home appliance. Have you ever thought about the history of these beauties or the way how these must have evolved through the last few decades. Well, Big Chill did!! They believe in celebrating their heritage through design classics of past and current eras. They have come up with this incredible idea to curate all the various refrigerator models existed in the past from 1920s to today and show us how the world of refrigerators have evolved through the decades. 

The most well known appliance of every family kitchen, the refrigerator, will always tell a story of its owner’s if we give it a close attention. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. We cook, clean, socialize, surf the web, along with a buffet of other activities. In other words, the kitchen is where we multitask. As a result of this trend, everything in today's kitchen along with it's look has to be unique, colorful, comfortable and stylish. The time of simple iceboxes has long passed and newer refrigerators have become so diverse in their designs that there is one for everyone’s taste. You can choose from the most stylish modern-made classics to the gorgeous retro refrigerator designs in any color of your choice!

Today, the modern refrigerator maintains the best of both worlds for a kitchen appliance that combines modern aesthetics with up-to-date energy efficiency. However, it's a must for us to check out the journey of refrigerators through the last few decades! At Big Chill they have been compiling all the different faces of refrigerators in order to recreate a classic refrigerator that could fit perfectly in any modern kitchen. Below is the short-walk through the glorified history of refrigerators! 

I totally adore the way refrigerators have evolved and can't stop myself looking for more details on these retro beauties! If you want to explore more on this too, head over to their website here-> Big Chill & enjoy!

What are your thoughts on retro style fridges? Which style would you choose?

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