10 Creepy Decorations for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen! #BigChill

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Hello Everyone! Halloween is almost here and hope everyone has decided about your costumes and stuff. More than the costumes I love how people decorate their houses, front yard and lawn in a creatively ghosty way, weeks before Halloween. It's really exciting to check out new ideas that are simple, quick and spooky at the same time. One place that's SO easy to grab everyone's attention and also where you can come up with endless spooky ideas is your kitchen! Kitchen is not just for making delicious recipes, it could also be the station of everything frightening. With a refrigerator full of surprises and a pantry full of delicious candy, there is no better time to invite your loved ones into your kitchen for a bowl of zombie brains. I was approached by BigChill to share some of their coolest yet creepy Halloween decor ideas to put your guests into shock. Go through all of these wonderful ideas and choose your favorites! I am sure you would love all of them & these are definitely going to be the best Halloween decorations you ever tried in your kitchen. 

Here are the top 10 Decorations for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen. Check out these ideas in details here on: BigChill
  • Halloween Hutch

  • Spooky Kitchen Tables

  • Spider Magnets

  • Ceiling Hats

  • Creepy Cauldrons

  • Skeletons at Work

  • Monster Knives

  • Ghostly Decor

  • Fancy Pumpkins

  • Eerie Dry Ice

BONUS - "Halloweenified" Big Chill Fridge!

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? Feel free to share your ideas below. Happy Halloween!

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Image source: BigChill.com