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But first, Coffee! I love this wording and would even agree to have these signs all around my house. Everyone in my family loves coffee and my husband make the best coffee. Things start with freshly roasted coffee beans, a hand-held coffee grinder and the rest assured! We use the pour-over technique and it takes a while for our tiny coffee filter to complete the task. But trust me, that perfect cup of coffee, is always worth the wait. That much for a coffee!! I am sure, coffee lovers could totally relate to this. We love to explore coffee varieties and sometimes we come across the same set of variants across brands. How awesome it would be, to try coffee varieties from all over the world without even leaving your home? When I heard about DriftAway Coffee - I was like, WOW a perfect monthly subscription for all coffee addicts like me! The first thing I love about this subscription is the quality, the freshness of the product delivered. The DriftAway coffee boxes contain roasted beans that are shipped 12 hours from roasting. Next is the priceless opportunity for you to explore coffee varieties worldwide, at the comfort of your home. You could also personalize your flavors and continue getting them in the subsequent monthly boxes. I love the way my first DriftAway tasting kit with 4 coffee varieties came in.

DriftAway coffee subscription offers you freshly roasted coffee beans made in small-batches. Coffee beans are so fresh that they are shipped within hours of roasting. DriftAway coffee has their flavors under four categories - Bold, Classic, Fruity & Balanced. You can always personalize the beans according to your taste, choice and preferences.

Cost : $12/month 
There are different plans available depending on the size-7oz/11oz/32oz and frequency of delivery. (every week/alternative weeks/every 4weeks). For all plans, the first delivery is a tasting kit. 4 bags of delicious coffee, 2 oz each.

The initial tasting kit which includes 4 different coffee profiles. Once you try and decide which are your favorite ones, you can set up your taste profile. All your future boxes will be personalized accordingly and you could update your profile whenever needed.

I prefer dark roast and rich flavors, so obviously BOLD would be my favorite. However, I would love to explore the other flavor profiles too - the best part of having a monthly coffee subscription. The quality of these beans are excellent. These 2oz packs are perfectly packed and also come with the air-tight zipper to retain freshness of the beans.

Each pack has details about it's flavor, tasting notes, etc., There is also this instruction sheet on brewing your perfect cup of coffee. I like all these tiny neat things, that show their passion for the work and how much they care. Overall, I loved this starter kit from DriftAway Coffee and I like everything about this delicious monthly subscription.

They also offer gift options which is perfect to surprise the coffee-lovers in your life. You could also go to their blog to learn more interesting things about coffee brewing. Follow DriftAway Coffee on social channels, to know more on their latest updates and product promotions.

Blog: https://driftaway.coffee/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/driftawaycoffee
Twitter: https://twitter.com/driftawaycoffee

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